Xiaomi Mibro Air vs Imilab KW66: Which Smartwatch should you Buy?

Smartwatches are fast becoming tools for health fitness in several ramifications. The data that these smart wearables generate provide a bird’s eye view of the dynamics of the human body and are gems for good health and fitness. An increasing segment of the populace is fast catching the fad of owning a smartwatch obviously because of the benefits that could be gotten from these exciting little wearables. In this article, we’ll look at the Xiaomi Mibro Air Vs Imilab KW66 comparison.

What are the differences between Mibro Air Vs Imilab KW66?

On the basis of their images, it is clear that the two smart wearables look quite similar in both outlook and design. Of course, both devices are circular, having a single physical multi-function button on their side, and both have steel bodies. The two gadgets have the same type of screen and display resolution of 240×240 pixels. There are several more areas of convergence and also several important differences between the two gadgets, especially in terms of their operations, internal make-up, cost, and a whole lot of other areas.

Xiaomi Mibro Air Vs Imilab KW66 Specs Comparison

Mibro Air Imilab KW66
1.28 inch TFT screen
1.28 inch 3D TFT screen
240×240 pixel
240×240 pixel
Battery Capacity:
200 mAh
340 mAh
Battery Life:
25 days
30 days
Water & Dust Proof:
Bluetooth Version:
Multisports Mode:

Design: Mibro Air Vs Imilab KW66

Mibro Air vs Imilab KW66 Full Smartwatch Comparison
Mibro Air vs Imilab KW66 Full Smartwatch Comparison

The nice rotating bezel of the Mibro Air allows you to seamlessly navigate through the menus. The smartwatch is quite suited for use indoors as well as outdoors and can even withstand extreme weather conditions, thanks to its water and dust resistant capability. So while outdoors doing your favorite exercise, you have no need to worry that your device will be damaged by the rain or dusty conditions.

The Imilab KW66 also has a beautiful appearance and is lightweight, making it very comfortable to wear even for extended periods of activities. It is also rugged for use outdoors even in extreme weather conditions and underwater while swimming.

Display Comparison

Mibro Air Vs Imilab KW66 Smartwatch Comparison
Mibro Air Vs Imilab KW66 Smartwatch Comparison

The Mibro Air smartwatch has a 1.28 inch hi-res TFT color screen, quite beautiful and versatile whether you are in the dark or in a well-illuminated room. The display of the Mibro Air glows and the touchscreen is highly responsive and engaging.

The Imilab KW66 sends notification only via vibrations, hence the smartwatch does not have any sound capabilities. There are four brightness levels that enable us to use the watch in both dark places and places having too much illumination.

Fitness & other Features

Fitness Comparison
Fitness Comparison

One of the most impressive aspects of the Mibro Air is its PPG optical heart rate sensor which operates with a versatile and intelligent algorithm that means it can accurately track minute changes in the heart rate in real-time. The data resource from the heart rate sensor is quite rich, thus opening new vistas for further development in fitness and wellness. The Mibro Air has a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, sleep monitoring capabilities, and 12 sports mode that makes it easy to monitor different sports activities like skipping, jogging, walking, cycling and so on.

Sports Modes
Sports Modes

The 12 Workout Modes are: Outdoors, walking, cycling, Alpinism, spinning, Yoga, Indoors, Elliptical mac, Badminton, Basketball, Football, and Free training. Other Functionalities present in the Mibro Air include Alarm clock, Weather, Music control, Timer, Stopwatch, Sedentary reminder, and phone search.

The Imilab KW66 can interface with your smartphone camera, enabling you to take photos on the go. This feature is quite impressive and you can deploy it to great advantage in situations that warrant a discreet recording of an event. The device is also suitable for use underwater due mainly to its IP68 waterproof and dustproof potential. The watch comes with 13 sports mode that allows you to accurately record multiple activities you may engage in from like swimming, walking, jogging, cycling, playing football, skiing, and the likes.

Which Smartwatch to Buy?

Xiaomi Mibro Air Vs Imilab KW66 Smartwatch Comparison
Xiaomi Mibro Air Vs Imilab KW66 Smartwatch Comparison

Both smartwatches have quite impressive features that stand side by side in many aspects. The two devices are quite durable with their waterproof and dustproof capabilities. They are both suited for indoor and outdoor fitness activities while their multisports mode appeal to sportsmen and women who engage in multiple activities like triathlon, pentathlon, and the rest.

However, some little differences were observed in the operations of the two smart wearables. The Mibro Air comes in short against the Imilab KW66 in terms of battery life, overall aesthetics, in my view, and marginally at par in terms of versatility. The fact remains though that both products are typically low-end wearables, with the Imilab KW66 slightly costing more. The two devices are lightweight and easy to use but still lack greater functionality that is rampant with wearables in the high end of the cost spectrum.

My choice among the two devices would be the Imilab KW66 because of its highlighted edge over the Mibro Air.

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