Xiaomi F1 Air Purifier Review : Simple Design, Small Size

Xiaomi air purifier is one of the richest product lines in Xiaomi smart home products. And this time, what I want to unpack is the newly released Xiaomi F1 Air Purifier.

Xiaomi F1 Air Purifier Specs:

General Brand: Xiaomi
Type: Air Purifier F1
Clean Air Delivery Rate:400m3/h
Display Screen: OLED display screen
Wi-Fi Module: WIFI IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Rated Power: 30w
Rated Voltage: 100-240V
Dimesion & Weight Product Size 650 x 255 x 255mm
Weight: 5.5kg
Package contents 1x Air Purifier
1x Filter
1x User Guide/ Warranty card
1x Power cord

Open the package of the air purifier and you will find that although the product printed on the outer package is a standing design, the product itself is packaged horizontally.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

In addition to the product itself, there is only a manual in the package, and other components such as the socket cord and the filter element have been placed inside the air purifier.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

The Mi Air Purifier F1 still maintains the family-style design language of Mijia products in the appearance design. In addition to the LCD panel that can display information on the white body, only the “Logo of Mijia products” is left. concise.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

The square column shape design is also a common shape design on the market. It is especially suitable for a compact body like the Xiaomi air purifier F1. The body size of 255×255×650mm is not big or small compared with similar products. The height of the fuselage is less than one meter, and it will not be too obstructive to put it at home.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

The side adopts magnetic mesh side panels that are easy to remove. These meshes are also the air inlets of the air purifier. The dense number of meshes can also tell the size of the air intake.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

After opening the grid, it is the filter element. There is a pull up on the top and bottom of the filter element, and the disassembly can be completed by gently pulling it.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

The filter element of Mijia F1 adopts an integrated barrel-shaped filter element. The first layer of the filter element is a nylon mesh, which mainly filters large particles such as hair.

The second layer uses H13 grade HEPA high-efficiency filter element, which can filter fine particles such as PM0.3, PM2.5, and is equipped with antibacterial coating, which can effectively antibacterial. The third layer is activated carbon, which can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the air.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

The filter element of Mijia F1 has a built-in RFID chip. You can check the remaining use time of the filter element in the Mijia APP. The red letter on the OLED display will flash when the filter element expires, and the power consumption is very low.

According to official data, the life of the F1 filter element is about 3 to 6 months, and it only uses 1 kWh every 13 days in sleep mode. The price of the filter element consumables is 249 on Xiaomi. It is assumed that it is replaced every six months.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

Above the filter cartridge is a PM2.5 laser sensor, which can monitor the current air quality and remind users to turn on the air purifier. Of course, the user can also set the automatic mode to let it decide whether to turn it on or not according to the current situation. In order to ensure accurate data, it needs to be opened for cleaning after a period of use.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

Mijia air purifier F1 has a total of three wind speeds and three scene modes. Of course, under normal circumstances, setting the automatic transmission directly is enough to deal with most situations, which is quite worry-free. The automatic gear will automatically adjust the corresponding wind power according to the actual environment.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

The fuselage does not have any physical buttons and indicators, but an OLED display panel is set on the fuselage-it can be used to display information such as temperature, humidity, PM2.5, current mode, Wi-Fi status, etc. In addition, the display The color-changing ring on the outermost circle can visually display the current air quality, which is green under normal circumstances, and turns to yellow and red when the pollution is serious.

Xiaomi Mijia F1 Air Purifier

As a Mijia product, it is naturally possible to view the current device information through the Mijia app, control the product on and off, switch modes and lights, and even turn on the “child lock” to avoid random operation by children and so on. If you have other Mijia smart homes in your home, you can also use the Mijia app to link with the air purifier.

How to buy Xiaomi F1 Air Purifier?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest/Geekbuying, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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