Hisense A7 5G Reading Smartphone: the first reading smartphone that supports 5G

Today, the world’s first 5G Smartphone – Hisense A7 5G reading smartphone is launched. This smartphone has optimized and upgraded the screen, sound quality, battery life, system UI and other aspects on the basis of Hisense reading mobile phone A5Pro. , At the same time equipped with the Tiger Ben T7510 processor, compared with its predecessor A5Pro performance has been greatly improved.

If you want Kindel, but don’t think Kindel can make calls, Hisense recently released the Hisense A7 reading phone. It uses a 6.7-inch ink screen and is priced at $205.20.

Hisense A7

Why you need to equip with Hisense A7?

Hisense A7 reading phone uses a 6.7-inch ink screen, 300PPI, the front light path is 4.95mm, the light path is shorter, the brightness uniformity is high, the color contrast is stronger, the content is clearer, the appearance is upgraded, and the “red line” shines inlay, Full of spirituality, the back cover adopts AG frosting process, which has a more delicate touch, 500+ icon customization, support for inspiration shorthand, application bleaching, dynamic mode, lock screen reading.

Hisense A7

Inspiration shorthand

Long press the Mozhi key and speak to quickly open the inspiration shorthand note, directly record and convert it into text.

Lock screen reading

The current reading content is set to the lock screen interface. Hisense A7 makes it more convenient and energy-saving to turn the page by double-clicking the screen, tapping the volume key or pressing the Mozhi key to turn the whole screen.

Apply bleaching

The page background is automatically adjusted to be whiter, and the text is automatically adjusted to be blacker to increase the black and white contrast, presenting a better visual effect.

Dynamic refresh mode

Intelligently judge whether the current interface is in clear mode. When browsing the interface by sliding up and down or inputting text when the input method is turned on, Hisense A7 will automatically switch to the balanced mode to refresh, and automatically switch back to clear mode after the sliding stops, effectively reducing the frequent flicker during the sliding process of the interface content.

Hisense A7

Full screen flip

Innovatively realize the full-screen page turning operation, effectively reducing the flickering and after-image phenomenon caused by frequently refreshing the interface when sliding

Reading mode

In the reading mode, you can block third-party unimportant notifications, reduce the volume of notifications and ringtones, let the world disturb you, enjoy immersive reading that belongs to you

Hisense A7 reading mobile phone is equipped with T7510 processor, with strong computing performance, greatly improved processing energy efficiency, NSA&SA dual-mode 5G, fast download speed, low latency lag, wide network coverage, Wifi dual antennas, 5G hotspot sharing, download performance Doubled, the rate is stronger, the experience is smoother, 4770mAh battery, 18W safe fast charge. 1217 super linear loudspeaker, the external amplifier is more shocking.

Hisense A7

In addition, the UI of Hisense A7 5G reading phone has also been upgraded. On the icons, Hisense has done sketching artistic design for all icons to make the center graphics of the icons more three-dimensional, enhance the sense of hierarchy and quality, and design exclusive ink icons for 500+ third-party applications. In terms of lines, Hisense uses the difference between icons and lines in the layout to enhance the sense of hierarchy of the interface and guide users to focus on the target content. In terms of fonts, Hisense standardizes the thickness of text at different levels, so that the important content in the interface is more prominent and the visual effect is more refreshing. Users can also steplessly adjust the font thickness to adjust the font thickness to their favorite state.

Where to buy Hisense A7 5G Reading Smartphone?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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