Realme 7i vs POCO M3 vs OPPO F17 : Feature Comparison

In reality, the lower intermediate segment is one of the most important for those who want a decent smartphone for everyday use at a low price. And the lower middle segment has been much more enjoyable since Xiaomi introduced the POCO M3. POCO has a new back and a

Snapdragon CPU in the current budget flagship. As always, we found the best POCO M3 competitors to send you an overview, which helps you to pick the optimal device to suit your needs. And there is no iota of doubt, the OPPO F17 and the Realme 7i are the best competitors for most of the consumers.


The reach of these products has a shoddy construction made of the polycarbonate body. It can supply with the luxury cellular phone instead of the glass back and aluminium frames. Let’s first look at its style. The architecture of the M3 surely merits the term ‘THE VALUE FOR MONEY’ and has superior construction quality relative to most budget phones. Many budget versions with very similar styles which have used. But the M3 is much more distinctive and identifiable in its rear structure. And if the cover isn’t shiny or metallic, it doesn’t feel cheap.

Xiaomi POCO M3

The textured leather cover finish is a pleasant touch that separates the handset from bland budgetary designs at first sight. While the OPPO F17 does not only look like but its proportions like the winner of a style comparison. It’s minimal, very light and lightweight. It is one of the thinnest gadgets out there. It is easier to use and manage in the pocket with one hand. That is why in the field of aesthetics, I prefer it. Contrary to its critics, it has the fingerprint reader on display that cleanses its interface.


Apart from the best interface, you get the best show with the OPPO F17. If you do not know it, the OPPO F17 alias A73 is one of the cheapest AMOLED smartphones. It displays bright colours, deep blacks, Always supports On mode and has a fingerprint scanner displayed. Whenever you don’t like the OPPO F17, the Realme 7i features 90 Hz refresh, but a lower HD+ resolution will be available. The POCO X3 features a 6.53 inches, 1080 x 2340p-inch Full HD+ IPS LCD display.

OPPO f17

While The POCO M3 lacks a high refresh rate and it has an IPS display just like the Realme 7i, but its resolution is Full HD+. The front of the phone reminds us of its budget positioning – with a 1080P LCD waterdrop display. The monitor is, of course, not very crisp, but we do not worry about an inexpensive smartphone. To be honest, its strong colour representation restored our confidence in the M3 when we turned on the phone.

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The OPPO F17 and Realme 7i provide the same components as the most strong hardware departments. The Snapdragon 662 mobile platform offers all phones with capacity. However, the POCO M3 is only 4 GB of RAM. With Realme 7i and OPPO F17’s maximum cost configurations, you get 8 GB of RAM. The smart handsets run the Android 10, which is out of the box but it will all be upgraded to Android 11 before they hitten the shelves in the second half of 2020.

Realme 7i


The two cameras, the macro lens and the portrait depth of field lens complete the camera setup on the M3 phone. The camera is Realme 7i’s highest point. A quad-sensor with a 64 MP primary sensor crammed in the phone, such as more pricey midranges, an 8 MP camera and a pair of 2 MP macro and depth sensors. POCO M3 packing a 48 MP a camera takes second place, but the front panel has a lower one to OPPO F17 and Realme 7i. The OPPO F17’s key sensor is not so subtle, but it’s the right one.


The POCO M3, since it packs a big 6000 mAh battery is the best battery phone of this trio. With mild use, it will last for up to three days. We got the Realme 7i right afterwards with a battery of 5000 mAh. The battery of the OPPO F17 is sadly only 4015 mAh, but thanks to its powerful parts, it is still a good battery telephone. OPPO F17 also embraces the quicker loading technologies of 30W. Whereas, The Poco M3 equipped with 18W charging efficiency, which is not a unique fast charging solution for an Android phone. It took us over 2 hours to fully charge the phone, which doesn’t match its super large battery capacity.

Realme 7i


  • Best cameras
  • 90 Hz display
  • Punch-hole display


  • Limited availability

Xiaomi POCO M3


  • Huge battery
  • Worldwide availability
  • Stereo speakers
  • Reverse charging


  • Dimensions



  • AMOLED display
  • Faster charging
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Compact


  • Limited availability
  • Smaller battery


The POCO M3 price begins at €124/$150 and Realme 7i begins at €150/$182. This figure is still outstanding in India. The OPPO F17 is worth roughly €190/€230. I cannot use this the analogy with a conclusive champion. Due to its thinner and lighter nature,  AMOLED monitor, quicker charging, but not precisely the fascinating OPPO F17. The battery life of POCO M3 is much longer, though Realme 7i has a much better camera and 90 Hz but HD+.

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