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Following the success of its predecessors, QCY has just launched the QCY T10 4-microphone True Wireless Bluetooth headset with many outstanding improvements in both sound and appearance. In particular, the ability to talk clearly and long-term battery life will surely bring many great experiences for users.


QCY T10 Specs:

Trademark QCY
Model QCY-T10
Bluetooth V5.0
Connection range 10m
Protocols HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP
Compatible system iOS / Android
Used Time Talk about 3 hours,

Listen to music for about 3.5 hours

Charging dock capacity 600mAh
Number of charges About 5 times in both earphones
Charging interface Type-C

Advantages of the Bluetooth True Wireless QCY T10 4 Micro headset

Compared to previous versions of True Wireless Bluetooth headsets , T10 is seen as a huge improvement from QCY in terms of technology, sound quality and design. Specifically, the most notable advantage of this version, which is the changes in sound effects with low latency, full-range speaker integration and 4-microphone technology to bring impressive sound quality with the ability to Clear conversation, not affected much by outside noise. In addition, the fast charging support for both headphones in just 10 minutes, … promises to give users an extremely enjoyable entertainment experience without interruption.


Modern design, impressive design

Not only possessing a smooth design similar to its predecessors, QCY T10 Bluetooth headset also attracts users by its extremely small, flexible appearance, but equally youthful and luxurious. Specifically, the headset with unique ” in-ear ” design provides good sound insulation, brings a comfortable and solid feeling when used for a long time; Even if the user moves a lot or moves vigorously, the headset is difficult to fall out. In addition, QCY also equipped with 3 sets of silicone tips that come with headphones with different sizes for users to freely choose the most suitable size to use.


Smart control, support Pop-up connection

A very laudable on the  headset True Wireless QCY T10  this is in addition to the common tasks, you can control the headset with a touch  sensor  is extremely convenient to pause / play music, receive / reject a call, open voice assistant, … with just 2 or 3 touches of the touch keys on the headset.QCY T10

QCY T10 is capable of connecting to Pop-up phones similar to those on Apple Airpods. Specifically, when the user opens the charging dock cover, the phone will show up a notice board about the remaining battery of the headset, the charging dock and quickly connect to the phone. In addition, the latest  Bluetooth 5.0  version with improved transmission speed, helps users to comfortably connect the headset in a more stable way within 10m . Moreover, the responsive Bluetooth technology also helps improve latency better for every need from watching movies, playing games to listening to music, talking.QCY T10

Also, since both QCY T10 earbuds can be connected directly to the phone and don’t use the main – sub mechanism, you can use either side of the earbud to listen in mono (single sound), which will then automatically switch to stereo when you place the other earbud in your ear.QCY T10

Realistic sound, clear conversation

QCY T10 True Wireless Bluetooth headphones are backed by two HIFI balanced armature drivers , delivering crisp sound quality with lower distortion. In addition, the headset is also integrated with a chip that supports high-definition audio encoding,  AAC, to increase capacity and increase audio tuning. That’s why QCY T10 headphones possess a wider sound field with better balanced sound range in both bass, mids and highs.


Each headset is equipped with two conversation microphones to help users make calls and chat with clear and stable sound quality. The headphones use modern digital signal processing algorithms, which can thoroughly and effectively cancel out noise , providing the most accurate, loudest sound quality without being affected by outside noise. Thanks to that, your voice can be transmitted to the ear of the other party in the clearest and most authentic way.

Impressive battery life, up to 21 days

QCY T10 Bluetooth Headset is equipped with a charging dock that comes with a large 600mAh battery capacity  , which can support powering both headphones for about 5 times . With each full charge, you can use the headset to play music, make calls, .. over a period of 3 – 3.5 hours . Especially, when it comes with the charging dock, the use time of the headset can be up to  21 hours .QCY T10

In addition, you do not need to wait long when the headset suddenly runs out of battery because the QCY T10 has additional support for fast charging technology. Specifically, after you put the headset in the 600mAh charging dock for about 10 minutes , you can use the headset comfortably for up to 1 hour , freely enjoy great entertainment without worrying about interruptions.QCY T10

This wireless headset also has an IPX5 waterproof standard that   is slightly water resistant when users sweat or the product is accidentally splashed into water, giving users more peace of mind when using the headset during practice. sport.

Where to buy QCY T10 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of gearbest. Remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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