Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners of 2021: Best for every budget

Push-button vacuum cleaners are losing their value as we are heading towards 2021. In 2020, we have noticed that there was more demand for robot vacuum cleaners as compared to the push button. Today, every company in the market is planning to launch the vacuum cleaner, which could maintain a smartphone connection. Due to this busy and hectic life, every person in the world is expecting the have the products which can run on their one command. So, a robot vacuum cleaner is all which is required. There are many options for robot vacuum cleaners. In this article, we will bring the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners of 2021.

The premium robots are made such powerful that they can individually collect every kind of dust and clean the room and wash the floors. This manual clean-up will help you save the time replacing the manual cleaning.

Xiaomi Today has reviewed several Robot vacuum cleaners and among all selected few to get in 2021. But before you dive in, let’s look at some factors which should be considered before buying one.

Buyer’s Guide:

Things which should be considered before buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner:


A good vacuum cleaner will suck up all the dirt, and you don’t have to check it to make sure that it is doing its job. So, the vacuum cleaner which will best for all type of floors and furniture without any help. A good motor is required for powerful suction.


Most of the Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2020 support the Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity. So, this is the main factor which users need to keep in mind while buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner.


The battery of the robot vacuum Cleaner depends on the size of your house or the workplace. Most of the Robot Vacuum Cleaners comes with the battery of 60 to 100 minutes per charge. This is sufficient to clean a big apartment.

If you have a large apartment, then make sure you buy the vacuum cleaner with the large battery.


Set up is also the factor that a user needs to consider. Setting up the vacuum cleaner is easy in some aspects. A user also needs to look at the programming and controlling of the vacuum cleaner. Some of them are relatively easy, and few are complex to set up.

Here we have brought you the best vacuum cleaners looking at all the aspects.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2021:

1. Proscenic M7 Pro:

Proscenic M7 Pro Is the dust robot vacuum cleaner launch in 2020. This vacuum cleaner is best in terms of price, quality and all other aspects in the price of $400 to $600. This vacuum cleaner powers the 2600 Pa suction power motor. This motor will help the user to clean all type of dust. A 5200 mAh battery will allow for cleaning a big living area. The vacuum cleaner also comes with the separate base of self-cleaning and a docking station.

Best vacuum Cleaners 2021

To clean the dust container, the Proscenic automatically empty the container to the large stationary container. So, the user only has to empty the large container when it is filled.

For wet cleaning, the vacuum cleaner works like a human hand. This mapping is done by using laser technology (rangefinder). On your smartphone, you can mark the target on the map, making the boundaries to give commands to the vacuum cleaner.

2. Xiaomi Viomi V3:

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Viomi launched the Viomi V3 vacuum cleaner which performs the wet and dry cleaning at the same time. The vacuum cleaner is famous for its standard 550 ml dust collector and an additional 550 ml tank of water for wet cleaning. Along with this vacuum cleaner comes with the combined module of (300 ml dust collector and 200 ml tank for wet cleaning).

Xiaomi Viomi V3 review

This vacuum cleaner uses LIDAR technology. With the help of this technology, the user can schedule the vacuum cleaner and mark the area to clean. User can mark the boundaries and set the forbidden and target the areas.

In terms of suction power, the robot is not inferior to the Roborock S6 MaxV — 2600 Pa, but it works louder — up to 75 dB. And also the disadvantages of this model include one end broom of an outdated design, a swivel roller without a rotation sensor and the absence of flow dividers in the suction bell.

3. Roborock S6 Pure:

In the range of $500, users also have the option of this premium vacuum cleaner. The suction power of 2000 Pa motor will be a bit loudly up to 75dB. As the price of the vacuum cleaner is decreased, there is a reduction of some of the configurations. Configurations are like; a number of sensors, noise reduction, also air and fabrics screens are removed. 

Best CHinese vacuum Cleaners 2021

To help in dry cleaning, the Roborock S6 pure comes with the silicone 5-point end brush and floating turbo brush with removable tips. The vacuum cleaner comes with the LIDAR technology, which means it can be controlled from the smartphone. To support the wet cleaning, the vacuum cleaner comes with the 180 ml tank under the bottom. To support the vacuum cleaner, it is supported by 5200mAh battery which can be used for 2.5 hrs in a single charge. 

4. Xiaomi Mijia G1 Vacuum Cleaner:

Another vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi upgraded to make it better from Roborock S6 pure. This is the best robot vacuum cleaner of the current year and will remain among best 10 in 2021. The Xiaomi Mijia G1 vacuum cleaner comes with the best modern techniques. It is different from all other vacuum cleaners, as it comes with the large container of 600 ml under the hood. Along with this company has provided the 200 ml water tank on the top. 

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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2021

While wiping the floor, the vacuum cleaner allows the water to flow through the nozzles in the bottom with the control of the electric pump. To allow the dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner comes with the three brushes, two on sides and one central. 

Why is it said better from Roborock S6 pure? The reason is suction power, i.e. 2200 Pa more which is quite more than that of roborock s6 pure.  

5. iLife A80 Plus:

In the best Vacuum Cleaners of 2021, iLife A80 Plus has also found a place in the top 10. This is because of its features of innovative debris separation system in a dust collector. A filter separates the large particles of dust in the vacuum cleaner. The dust which is stored in a small compartment passes through 6 cyclones.

iLife A80 Plus

In 2021 iLife A80 plus will stand out from others due to the price of the vacuum cleaner. It will be available for about $360-$370. But the downside of the product is that it comes with the 1100 Pa suction power. The dust collector (450ml) is attached at the bottom, and the water tank is about 350ml. Vacuum Cleaner also does not come with the LIDAR but uses the gyroscope, which helps to predict the ground for cleaning.

6. Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

The sleek design of the Roborock E20 places it in our top 10 Best vacuum Cleaners of 2021. The suction power of 1800 Pa will help this vacuum cleaner to quickly pick up the crumbs, dust and dirt from the ground.

Roborock E20 vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner automatically identifies the carpet and increases suction power. And if the vacuum cleaner runs low on the energy, it goes back to the plug and recharge and returns to the same point where it left off.

As it is a smart vacuum cleaner so that users can use it through the Mi Home app.

7. Roborock S5 Max:

The user-friendly robot vacuum cleaner offers good performance with a wide range of settings and functions.  

best vacuum Cleaners 2021

To reduce the noise level of the vacuum cleaner, the user can control the suction power. In turbo mode, the vacuum cleaner hardly misses any dirt behind. If you compare the performance of the vacuum cleaner with price, it’s very good. The combination of the mop, high performance and smart movement pattern gives a fantastic cleaning result in almost every corner of your home. Another plus point is that it carefully cleans the surface with the movement pattern. 

Roborock S5 Max is a smart vacuum cleaner, so the user can control it by smartphone, using the app. User can define the boundary for the cleaning and start and stop it from the app.

8. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

iRobot Roomba 675 is the best vacuum cleaner to buy at the lowest price. The excellent battery of the vacuum cleaner will help the user to use it for about 90 minutes with one charge. The edge is angled at 27 degree, which helps to clean all the debris in every corner. Also, if you have pets at home it’s sweeping edge brush will clean all pet hairs. 

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iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Being a smart vacuum cleaner, it will allow the wi-fi connectivity and works with Alexa. With this smart technology, the user can clean & schedule anytime from anywhere. You can mark on the map and success the support from a smartphone. 

9. iRobot Roomba 960:

The iRobot Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner comes with very good quality design. You can start it up quickly and connect it with your smartphone. By connecting the vacuum cleaner, you can control it with voice instructions.


The voice controller is essential to use the vacuum cleaner as it helps while cleaning. Like, it clearly announces when the vacuum cleaner gets stuck in roller or dust collector needs to empty. 

The vacuum cleaner can easily climb on the thicker mats and run smoothly over them. The downside is that the vacuum cleaner struggles with the dirt along the edges. If it had always turned the side brush to the obstacle, the results would be better.

With the smart assistant, you can rename your vacuum cleaner, and this will be an excellent addition to your smart home. Like, giving the command, “Clean the kithen, Kryten”.

The iRobot Roomba 960 is a very useful buy for anyone seeking a competent robotic vacuum cleaner.

10. Roborock S6 MaxV:

The Roborock S6 MaxV is a really good robotic vacuum cleaner that both mops and vacuums. Overall, we’re quite happy with it, but less so with Xiaomi’s model strategy.

Roborock S6 MaxV review

The Roborock S6 MaxV is the top model of the company. That’s fine, but at the same time, Xiaomi is releasing a new top model in the old S5 series, which in some respects – mainly the mop function – is better than the S6 Pure. We think this isn’t very clear and not very logical.

There are some problems with corners and edges, where you might find a bit of dirt gets left behind. But for the most part, it works both reasonably quickly and efficiently. We also notice that it’s significantly more stubborn than many other robotic vacuum cleaners. It tries to get over thresholds, carpet edges and similar obstacles that are a little too high from all possible angles – and usually succeeds. 

The same also applies when it’s found its way under a chair or into a corner. It tries out all the angles to escape before asking you for help.

Our Verdict:

We have tested almost all the best vacuum cleaners that are among the best robot vacuum cleaners of 2021. We conclude that different companies use different technology in their vacuum cleaners. For example, many vacuum cleaners use their camera while others use their laser or infrared technology to do the cleaning. Some of the models work with the predetermined pattern dividing the rooms into several cleaning zones. And others work on an algorithm which involves random movement combined with this zone division. In this article, we studied how the best robot vacuum cleaners clean the house and the amount of time they took to do so in a single charge. We also investigated how easy it is to clean the dust collector of the vacuum cleaner. Most of the vacuum cleaners have docking station powered by the primary adapter, and all models are wireless. 

For the best results, Xiaomi Today recommend the customers to run robot vacuum cleaners for three to four days a week. It’s also good to sometimes supplement this with regular vacuum cleaning and cleaning with a microfibre cloth in the corners of the room and on skirting boards. But thanks to robotic vacuum cleaners, the process of keeping your floor clean has never been easier.


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