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Top 8 Best Rolling Briefcases for Lawyers

Being a lawyer is one of those professions that ask for a 24/7 gentlemen’s game. Whether you are with your clients or traveling for a hearing, you are supposed to be at your best expressions. If there is something that games up a lawyer’s attire after the black buttoned-up blazer and contrasting white shirt is their briefcase. Especially if you have chosen the best rolling briefcase for a lawyer, your life is supposed to be a bit easier.

Advantage of Best Rolling Briefcases for Lawyers:

Among the top significant advantages of rolling briefcase include less stress of carrying a heavy pack on the back, space saved, and style quotient added. Also, it can help you to shape a better impression of yours among your target audience.

This is why it gets very important to choose the right size and brand of the rolling briefcase so that it does not only match your personality but also outlines your tenacious career.

Features to Look for When Buying a Rolling Briefcase

Since Rolling briefcases come in a wide variety of brands, styles, colors, it becomes difficult to choose what will suit your personality. Also, if you doing it for the first time, you might have a little know-how of things to consider. Here is the list of features that will help you in this regard.

2 Wheeler/4 Spinner Wheeler:

One of the foremost aspects to consider is whether you would need a 2-Wheeler or a 4-Wheeler. Both of them have their pros and cons. A 2-wheeler is more lighter and stable in use but offers a bit less maneuverability as compared to 4-wheeler. Whereas, the $-Wheeler is a little heavier than 2-Wheeler but can be precisely and quickly moved through tight spaces.


It is the material of the accessory that will decide how long it will serve you before you will need to replace it with a new one that is why it requires special consideration. Most of the rolling briefcases come in either leather or polyester.

Leather is amazing material when it comes to quality and serviceability. It gets even more elegant with time. Most of the professionals prefer it for the prestigious impression it adds to your outlook. But the problem with top quality leather is that it is expensive and can be a bit heavier to carry.

Polyester, on the other hand, is lighter to carry around for hours without much stress, stylish, more affordable, and ultimately more durable as polyester won’t show wear and tear soon.


One of the priorities in buying a briefcase is that should offer maximum space within the design limits. Most of the briefcases offer a maximum length to carry a medium or large-sized laptop. A good briefcase would be the one that will have enough space to carry more than one laptop, some files, and enough additional compartments to carry quick access items like plane tickets, chargers, keys, and mobile phones.


Finally, the budget comes into play. No matter how friendly and promising the briefcase might be, if it exceeds your budget bracket you will not go for it. Since a rolling briefcase is going to sever you as a portable office, you should always go for quality and durability over price. A little secret here. Rolling briefcases are generally a bit expensive. Do not pass out at the price tags.

If you are still confused, watch this video on the best rolling briefcases for lawyers. It will be helpful.

By now you should be able to understand why rolling briefcases are important for you as a professional especially if you get to travel a lot. Also, what are the key features you should consider before buying your most suitable briefcase? But is the job done? Certainly, not.

Best Rolling Briefcases for Lawyers:

With so many products and brands on the market, choosing the best rolling briefcase for lawyers might still be a challenge. So, we will review some of the top picks for you in this guide.

1. Solo New York Walker Rolling Laptop Bag 

This rolling briefcase is one of the most asked for products on the market and our top pick for lawyers: The Solo New York Walker Rolling Laptop Bag. It is equally suitable for regular commute and business travels. The bigger compartment is cushioned and offers space for laptops up to 15.6-inch. It is secured with straps. Sturdy glide wheels offer excellent navigation.


  • Travel-friendly & Elegant design
  • Offers easy and quick access to travel essentials
  • Comprises of large organized compartments to store laptop, files,  documents, and other work materials
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Locks do not fit properly on the zippers
  • Prone to tipping over due to lack of balance of weights.

2. Swissgear Granada Rolling Briefcase

Our second-best pick is Swissgear Granada Rolling Case which offers premium quality, compact size, and extra space. For those who worry about overloading, this one is for you. It does not offer enough space to carry all your essentials but moves quietly and smoothly no matter how much weight is put on it. Despite offering a space of up to 17-inch laptops, this briefcase will not bother you in fitting under the seat and in the smaller passenger boxes.


  • Compartments are large and very organized pockets
  • Rolls effortlessly smooth.
  • Life-lasting quality with durable fabric
  • High quality telescopic handle


  • Zippers fall short of the overall standard of smoothness

3. AmazonBasics Rolling Bag 

Amazon Basics Rolling Bag will top the list of recommendations for the most decent rolling briefcases for lawyers that will serve all its purpose that too staying well within the budget. With three main components, this rolling briefcase is simply spacious, lightweight, and mobile. Overall, a good choice to store all your essentials without bothering your pocket much.


  • Comparatively very affordable
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Great storage capacity
  • Lightweight design
  • Long retractable handle


  • May not be the best choice for long-term use

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4. Samsonite Classic Wheeled Business Case

Samsonite has been a big name in the luggage industry and has been producing some fantastic products for years. The brand is known for its products’ professionalism and reliability. The one we have included in the list is specially designed for travelers. Its ergonomic design allows great space and best fit under the seat and in the overhead bin.


  • Features upright locking handle and top carry handle
  • Made up of premium quality fabric
  • Smart and stylish design.
  • Wide main compartment for medium-sized laptops


  • Handle does not entertain any type of rough use.

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5. Solo Bryant Rolling Laptop Bag with Wheels

Solo Bryant Rolling Laptop Bag is another briefcase that made it to our list of best rolling briefcases for lawyers. The simple-design of the briefcase features a large main pocket to contain all your working essentials like laptop, files, books, tablets, and mobile phones. It is easy to fill up, and carry with its telescopic handle and smooth wheels. Something, that will add a lot to your charm of traveling.


  • Fits easily in overhead compartments
  • Features long durable Telescopic handle
  • Can efficiently organize bulky and heavy files
  • Allows you to carry or roll it with ease


  • Zippers may go off the track if used without care.

6. Alpine Swiss Rolling Briefcase

Acing an iconic retro, vintage look, Alpine Swiss Rolling offers another level of style statement to your professional attire. With a framed body and smooth design, this briefcase looks just the right choice for lawyers to organize court files and important documents. Comes with two handles, the main handle is for the longer liver arm. It is durable and can be retracted. The other handle is at the top of the briefcase to allow conventional carrying. The design is completed by strong rubber wheels to cope with extensive push.


  • Classic vintage style
  • Great space for easy organization
  • Strong rubber wheels for extra durability
  • Telescoping retractable main handle
  • Removable laptop protection pad


  • Some fans find it a bit Conventional for today
  • It is not available on spinner wheels.

7. Targus Metro Rolling Laptop Case Bag

Targus Metro Rolling Laptop Protective Case is that rough and tough guy in the class. It is designed to protect your accessories and laptop in the most challenging conditions thanks to its closed-cell feature. With the space of 16-inch in the main compartment, you can place your personal computer in and forget about scratches and all. This is the reason why this rolling briefcase is one of my favorite.


  • Made with water-resistant material
  • Durable metal hardware
  • Soft-touch Telescopic Handle
  • Large Secondary Compartment
  • Inline Wheels


  • Heavy use may break the wheels

8. Perry Ellis 8-wheel Spinner Mobile Office Case

Perry Ellis 8-Wheel Spinner combines durability with maneuverability. With its eight-wheel system, it can be moved easily in all directions. The top-quality wheels can handle a good deal of load without feeling heavy and can still roll smoothly on the surface. This bag will be your best companion on all types of grounds.


  • 8wd spinning system
  • Lightweight telescopic handle
  • Durable top-quality fabric
  • 360 -degree movement


  • The zippers are very difficult to get around


If you’re a business traveler, lawyer, or any other professional, you’ll definitely require the best rolling briefcase to keep yourself organized. You can now choose any of the above bags and ensure that your essentials and accessories are safe and in quick access.

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