Sony Playstation 5 Review: New Revolution of Gaming Era

Starting from the first appearance of the Playstation 5 Console official LOGO at CES 2020, we have been waiting for nearly a year. Our long-awaited next-generation console Sony Playstation 5 finally officially had it on sale on November 12. After the great success of PS4, surpassing other rivals of the same generation, PS5 as the successor is coming aggressively, and it seems that there is no suspense to continue defending.

The PS5 does have such strength and confidence. After all, although the PS5 seems to be slightly inferior in terms of core functions, the competition between the consoles has long been no longer a competition between pure functions. In addition to the core functions of the era, PS5 relies on exclusive games, 3D audio, tactile feedback, ultra-high-speed SSD and other novel selling points one after another, and has played a set of combination punches. It can be said that it has been firmly in the preheating stage. Firmly grasping the pain points of the players, it makes people wonder what kind of experience this next-generation host has.

In terms of core hardware, the overall process of Playstation 5 has officially entered the 7nm era. A smaller process means a higher energy consumption ratio. Under the same performance, the heat and power consumption of the host can be better controlled, allowing people to control it. The noise and heat performance is full of expectations.

PS5 CPU uses 3.5GHz 8-core Zen2, while GPU uses RDNA 2 architecture, 36 computing units, variable frequency up to 2.23GHz, floating-point performance up to 10.28TFLOPS. With new technology + new architecture, it can be expected that the performance and picture improvement of PS5 will be very obvious.

Real 4K games are possible on PS5, even 8K screen output is no problem. And it also supports 4K/120FPS games, supports variable refresh rate, HDR, and optical chase technology evenly. For example, “Rainbow Six” has already announced that it will provide 4K/120Hz upgrades for the next-generation version. These ultra-spec, more refined, and smoother pictures are really within reach on PS5.

Another highlight of the hardware is the ultra-high-speed SSD. The enhancement it brings to the PS5 gaming experience is not inferior to the upgrade of the CPU and GPU, and it will even have some performance that subverts the common sense of the past. For example, the most intuitive thing is that the loading time of the game is greatly shortened. This will not only be reflected in the first time you enter the game, but even the movement of different areas in the game will also benefit, truly achieving a seamless world.

In addition, PS5 has a small dessert, that is, the independent 3D audio processing chip. Unlike the previous host computer where a single thread of the CPU was allocated for audio processing, the independent 3D audio processing chip on the PS5 can not only provide realistic 3D sound effects but also free up the processing power of the CPU, thereby paying more resources for the game. Let the PS5 function more effectively. The performance is greatly improved. PS5 not only has stronger graphics capabilities but also has all-round improvements in I/O reading and audio. In the periphery, PS5 also has surprises.

As the device that has the closest contact with players in the game console, the PS5 handle has also undergone a full range of transformation and upgrading. Not only the appearance is greatly changed, the vibration system has also taken a new step. Adding force feedback to the trigger button is just a small point. It can also simulate water sliding from the fingertips, simulate the fingertips across the grass, and even simulate the “swish” shooting of Spiderman. The feel of spider silk wandering in the city, this tactile feedback system that can be simulated by everything, gives the PS5 a more immersive gaming experience.

However, the PS5’s starting road can be described as full of rugged obstacles. In this special period, stock out has become a common theme in the hardware field. Even the PS5 can’t escape the fate of panic buying. The first official channel is hard to find, and the third party will increase or even double the price. It is not easy to really experience the PS5.

After going through twists and turns, Kuai Technology finally got a PS5 US version of the first machine, the first time to complete the comprehensive experience. Next, let us take a look at what kind of new experience PS5, this next-generation console that has received much attention and discussion, can bring to players.

Design & Appearance

In this evaluation, we will focus on appearance. If you want to see how the internal structure is, the author also posted a detailed illustration before, you can click on the link to view it.

Due to the increase in the volume of this generation of PS5, the packaging box has also become a lot larger. The pure white packaging is consistent with the tone of the host. The front is printed with the rendering of the PS5 host and the new generation of DualSence controller. The upper right corner is some new features of the PS5, up to 8K image output, support for 4K/120Hz display mode, support for HDR, etc.

Take out the PS5 mainframe and adopt a sandwich architecture design, with two white baffles on the left and right sides, and the body in the middle is made of black plastic. The overall shape uses a large number of curved surfaces, which is in sharp contrast with the square shape and sharp cut corners of the PS4 era. Putting it together with a 55-inch TV, the PS5 has reached half the height of a TV.

What we received is the PS5 optical drive version. Compared with the digital version, the motherboard, power supply, and heat dissipation design of the two are exactly the same, except that the optical drive is placed in the extra space outside the host, so the shell on this side will also have a protrusion. There are not many front buttons and I/O ports, the bottom is the power button and the CD-ROM eject button, and the top is a USB 3.0 port and a Type-C port.

When placed horizontally, the posture of the PS5 is fixed, and the optical drive side must be below. When inserting the disc, pay attention to the patterned side and insert it towards the inside of the host, otherwise, the data will not be able to be read.

The gap between the white baffle of the PS5 and the black body is provided with heat dissipation holes to meet the needs of heat dissipation when the PS5 is working. At the rear of the chassis, the heat dissipation holes are larger and more obvious, and you can also see the PS5 interface configuration. Two USB 3.0 ports, one Gigabit Ethernet port, one HDMI 2.1 port, and one power port. The standard optical fiber audio interface of the previous generation did not appear.

In terms of decorative elements, the white baffle not only has a hollow PlayStation LOGO on the outside but also a menu of Sony elements in internal testing. In addition to the word SONY, the dense anti-skid points are actually composed of small PS5 handle key patterns.

The PS5’s handle is called DualSence, and its appearance has changed significantly compared with the previous generation’s handle. The overall body is a lot fatter, and it is more fit when held. The layout of the keys has not changed much, but an additional microphone key has been added to control it is on/off. In addition, the charging/connection interface has also been upgraded from the Micro-USB to Type-C interface.

In addition, whether it is the console or the handle, a large part of their shell can be directly disassembled, which means that DIY PS5 with its own characteristics has also become possible. Future customized models are likely to appear in this way.

With a dedicated stand base, PS5 can be placed horizontally and vertically, each of which is very stable. Both the PS5 host and the main body are designed with RGB atmosphere lights. The PS5 host is set in the gap where the baffle is in contact with the host, and the handle is around the touchpad, which will show a blue light effect when it is turned on. A HDMI 2.1 cable, a USB A to Type-c cable, and a power cord are provided with the package.

UI interaction

After the performance is improved, even the effect of the trophy animation is enriched

The first thing to talk about is the response speed of the interface. Thanks to the improved performance of the PS5, the various operations, and interactions of the interface have become smoother. For example, screenshots and trophy animations in daily games are faster and more natural and no longer have the procrastination of PS4.

PS4 uses a “scroll-style” design menu interface to guide into the next window and serve. The unbounded design on PS5 is better in guiding, the seamless connection can make the interaction more smooth.

In terms of interface design, unlike the PS4 scroll design, the PS5 follows an unbounded design logic. Vertical sliding is used instead of clicking, and different interfaces are seamlessly connected, switching is more natural, and there is a smooth sense of one-shot.

The unbounded design of the store interface is more distinct from the original. PS5 spreads all content vertically on one page, while PS4 needs to switch between different categories. To some extent, this also reflects the progress of PS5 performance, with plenty of performance left for the system UI.

On PS5, all programs are divided into two categories: games and media, and they are displayed in two different option windows without interfering with each other. This is also very wise. Separating games and media can avoid confusion and improve efficiency.

Many functions of the top-level option menu on PS4 need to be found and used here

On PS5, the options menu has become a shortcut key, which can be used at any time.

The options menu that we are very familiar with does not appear in the main interface of PS5 but is displayed in a different form. Press the PS button on the PS5 to call out this new window similar to the recent task of the mobile phone OS. The familiar option menu is located here.

No matter which interface you are on, you can call it to perform various operations. The recent game trophies, screenshot records, etc. will also be displayed together so that you can view these records.

In terms of the overall icon style, whether it is the main interface, shopping mall, or content repository, PS5 has chosen the large icon tile style, plus the exquisite covers of various games themselves, making the entire interface more attractive.


Compared with the previous generation, the PS5’s handle has undergone tremendous changes, which can be seen from the name. The name “Dual shock”, which has been inherited for many generations, is directly changed to “DualSence”, which shows how important the adaptive trigger + haptic feedback of this generation of handles is.

After the experience, we can even assert that the in-game experience of DualSence’s adaptive trigger + haptic feedback has undoubtedly surpassed all current gamepads and smartphones, if the PS5’s next-generation gaming experience is 100 points, Then 40 points are given by it.

With the support of the new adaptive trigger module + motherboard linear motor + dual vibration module, the effect of DualSence’s adaptive trigger + tactile feedback is quite different from the effect of handle vibration in our conventional perception. The vibration response is not only faster and more precise, but the directionality and ductility are greatly improved.

Visually speaking, DualSence’s tactile feedback allows you to feel the change in the center of gravity from high to low when building blocks, and the strength of each block falling is crisp and powerful; it allows you to feel the tension of the rope when the character pulls the rope. Change, and produce a different sense of direction according to the actions of the characters; even the touch of the breeze, water, grass can be simulated, from far to near to far, from weak to strong to weak, from which direction to go. This handle seems to contain a world, which accurately reproduces the various tactile sensations in the game.

As for the adaptive trigger, we have seen it on many racing handles. The trigger button of the handle can have the effect of force feedback in the game, accurately reproducing the reaction force that increases linearly when the trigger is pulled by the gun and when the accelerator is stepped on when driving.

The author experienced this effect in “Spider-Man: Miles”. When I press the R2 button to launch the spider silk, the trigger button will be slightly heavier in the final keystroke, simulating the transmission of the spider silk sticking to the building. Intensity.

In Playstation 5, a game called “Guide to the Use of Cosmic Robot Wireless Controller” is also provided to help users experience several typical vibration characteristics of DualSence.

1. Tactile vibration

Based on the cooperation of the handle’s motor module and the linear motor, DualSence can simulate the vibration of various objects. In this demonstration, we take building blocks as an example to simulate the tactile vibration of a handle building block assembling the whole process.

2. Adaptive trigger

DualSence’s trigger button can use its gear structure to increase the force required to press the trigger button. For simulated firearms and handles in the game, the adaptive trigger can provide a fake experience.

3. The touchpad vibrates

On DualSence, the touchpad is retained, and it can be combined with vibration to play many advantages. For example, when the touchpad is sliding, DualSence will simulate the vibration of the movement according to the touch position, as if it is touching by hand.

4. Dynamic sensing

DualSence can also simulate the vibration sensation produced by shaking the container when loading an object. Like the link in the picture, when you follow the prompts and shake the handle, you will feel as if you are really holding a jar with small objects.

5. Microphone

Since there is a microphone on the DualSence, the microphone function and vibration can also form a good combination. When you blow air to the microphone port of the handle, the handle can simulate different textures such as a windmill/dandelion.

As long as the developer adapts, we can experience the unique experience DualSence brings to us in the game. In other words, these features of DualSence can only be experienced in PS5 games on the PS5 platform at present. As for the old platform version of the game or the cross-platform controller, the performance of DualSence will be the same as the normal controller in terms of vibration. This is required Players pay special attention.

Picture quality and SSD

In terms of performance, the PS5 has the most obvious improvement compared to the PS4 generation. One is more refined picture quality, and the other is a change in in-game loading speed brought by ultra-high-speed SSD. Next, we will use a cross-generational game “Spider-Man: Miles” to horizontally compare the differences between different platforms.

Image quality

As the first-party exclusive game released at this time, Spider-Man: Miles provides free upgrades for the PS4 version and the cross-generational version.

The PS4 version has no picture settings and a fixed lock of 30 frames. The Playstation 5 version provides two options for fineness and performance. The former provides resolutions above 4K, light tracking effects, and better special effects, but the frame rate is fixed at 30FPS, while the latter provides a frame rate of 60FPS and a resolution of about 4K. , But light chase and special effects are reduced.

1. Light pursuit effect

In “Spider-Man: Miles”, the light chase is mainly reflected in the reflection effect, and the shadow of the game has not changed much. In the scene in the picture, the difference between the light chase on and light chase off is very obvious. There is no shadow of the protagonist in the first two pictures, and the reflected scene is not a real seaside, but an urban building. Only when the light chase is turned on can it correspond to the real game environment.

2. Special effects

In terms of other special effects, the Playstation 5 version also has many enhancements compared to the PS4 version, such as volumetric fog, and some particle special effects in battle.

In the above scene, it can be clearly seen that the PS5 not only has more snowflakes flying, but also white fog formed by the heat and cold.

3. Resolution

In addition to light chasing, which can only perceive strong special effects when encountering reflective scenes, the biggest improvement of Playstation 5 compared to PS4 is the increase in resolution and the enhancement of picture fineness. Although PS4 Pro can output 4K images, it is calculated by a special 1920×2160 checkerboard algorithm (the original resolution depends on the game), so the pseudo 4K must be quite different from the true 4K of the PS5.

Pay attention to the details of the bridge, the buildings under the bridge, and the windows on the distant buildings. Although the resolution is slightly lost due to the compression of the screenshots, the difference in resolution is still obvious.

4. More contrast

In addition to the above points, when comparing the picture quality of “Spider-Man: Myers” on PS5 and PS4, you can notice that the PS4 version has darker colors, weaker lighting effects, and lower modeling details. Through the comparison of the following screenshots, you can see the difference in daily games.

Super high-speed SSD

Although the ultra-high-speed SSD carried by the Playstation 5is not the best in the industry in terms of theoretical speed, its loading speed can reach the top level of the game industry with its unique optimization. This is because PS5 provides developers with optimization tools that can better optimize the hardware’s reading and calling of game resources so that the resource calling of the entire system reaches the best state, and there is no bottleneck.

Take the actual effect directly. With the help of ultra-high-speed SSD, the game loading time of PS5 has been doubled. You must know that this is still the result of higher resolution and better special effects. During the loading process of PS4, a black screen and loading icons appeared obviously, and the waiting time was longer.

For supported games, ultra-high-speed SSD will greatly increase the speed of first entry. After the game is restarted, the scene loading can also achieve the effect of almost seconds. For unoptimized old games and daily application scenarios such as installation and copying, the effect of ultra-high-speed SSD will not be so amazing. It is no different from ordinary SSD, but it is still significantly improved compared to the standard mechanical hard disk of the old version.


Although it is now in the early stage of Playstation 5, there is no need to worry about it having no games to play, because it basically has a perfectly compatible running solution for old games.

At present, the compatibility modes of PS4 on Playstation 5 can be divided into three types. One is fully compatible. Developers of this type of game will provide a PS5 version with upgraded image quality. The special effects and materials are fully upgraded to the PS5 level, which is equivalent to the original game. The PS5 version of the digital copy, but limited to only run when the PS4 game disc is inserted.

The second is partial compatibility. For various reasons, this part of the game does not provide or temporarily does not have a next-generation version. They run on the PS5 with the original PS4 version of the resources, but thanks to the improved performance, the frame rate will be increased. The image quality mode that can only lock 30 frames can also be increased to 60 frames. This is true for newer games such as “The Ghost of Tsushima Island” and “God of War”.

The third is compatible. This part of the game belongs to the early works of the PS4 platform, locks 30 frames, and does not have higher quality resources. So even though they can run on PS5, the image quality and performance will not change. The resolution will be improved by the interpolation algorithm, and the frame rate will still be locked at 30FPS.

Power consumption and temperature: The maximum power consumption is 200W and the temperature is much lower than the previous generation

In terms of power consumption and temperature, thanks to the new architecture and new technology, the energy efficiency of the Playstation 5 has been significantly improved compared to the PS4, and the temperature control is better.


In the power measurement link, considering that most of the current PS5 games are PS4 compatible games, we will not only test the standby, main interface, and game power but also measure the game power according to the compatibility situation and look at it in different gears. What’s the difference between in-game power?

1. Standby power consumption

When in standby, Playstation 5 power consumption is only 4.5W.

2. Main menu power consumption

When not playing the game and only browsing the menu, the power will remain around 60W.

3. Compatible games

Running the compatible game “Bloodborne” that cannot get the image quality and frame rate improvement, the power is about 90.7W.

4. Partially compatible games

Run “God of War”, the game can be run on Playstation 5 in 60 frame quality mode, and the power is around 120W.

5. Run PS5 games

“Spider-Man: Myers” has a PS5 version, and its runtime power consumption is about 200W floating. Taking into account the PS5 variable frequency design, the standard 350W rated power supply still has more power even if the loss is counted. It is not ruled out that there will be new squeezing functions in the future to further increase the overall power consumption.


Although the PS5 previously revealed that its GPU was a high-frequency, low-core solution, and the official disassembly later showed an extremely luxurious heat dissipation structure, many people were worried that the PS5 was overclocked for performance. The temperature may explode. But after the test, it can be confirmed that you can rest assured that the Playstation 5 is really “cool” for the temperature.

Although the PS5’s heat dissipation holes surround the whole body, the main air outlet is still designed at the rear. We use a temperature measuring gun to see the temperature of the air outlet, the highest point is only 47.4? and the temperature in some areas is lower, only 32.8?. Put your hand to the tail to feel it, only warm heat is transferred out, the air volume is not large, and the heat dissipation module is not working at full capacity.

Comparison of the Previous Generation

In order to let users feel the increase in power consumption of Playstation 5 more intuitively, I also tested the power consumption and temperature performance of PS4 Pro.

The power consumption of PS4 Pro is not small compared to PS5. Even the latest game is only about 150W, but the temperature is scary, the highest is 60?, and the general area temperature is also 42.3?. Lower power, higher temperature, and worse performance are enough to set off the huge increase in the energy consumption ratio of the PS5 under the new architecture + new technology.


In terms of noise, the performance of the Playstation 5 is also a surprise. The huge cooling turbofan that was impressive when it was disassembled did not produce much noise, and the optical drive became the biggest noise source.

When reading discs, the PS5’s noise is the greatest. Measured with a decibel meter, the noise intensity can reach 40.4dB at this time.

At the end of the disc reading stage and when you start to play the game, the main source of noise at this time is the cooling fan, which is unexpected and only 2dB higher than the ambient noise. Not to mention turning on the speaker to play the game sound effect, even if you play the game silently, this noise I can hardly feel it.

In contrast, the PS4 Pro’s reputation as a helicopter is indeed well-deserved. When the game is running, the fan runs at full capacity, and the measured noise level has reached 48.4dB. You can clearly feel the noise of the fan.

Other experiences

PS5 supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless network, when used in the home, the wireless experience can be described as enhanced a lot. With Wi-Fi 6’s stronger signal, wider coverage, higher speed, and less interference, it is possible for wireless to beat wired.

Use the PS5 to connect to the wireless test network speed. In two rooms on the same side of the corridor at a distance of more than 10 meters, the Playstation 5 can still be connected stably even after passing through multiple walls and experiencing multiple signal reflection attenuation. Although the rate has been as low as 11.2Mbps, it is sufficient for daily connections.

When used in a home environment, it will not encounter such an extreme wireless environment, and the speed can be further improved to meet the needs of downloading. The independent 3D audio chip on PS5 allows audio devices connected to TVs/handles to obtain 3D sound effects comparable to large movies.

I use my commonly used Yixi pr652 headset to connect the handle experience. Compared with the general game audio, with the blessing of the 3D audio chip, the sound direction is more clear, and the more three-dimensional sound effect makes the game experience more shocking.

If you feel that the sound effects are a bit off your appetite, you can also adjust it in the settings. According to the actual feelings of different people, choose the most suitable 3D sound effect.

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Originally, for the next era, everyone’s expectation was only the improvement of the picture. True 4K resolution, the application of light pursuit technology, and better special effects have basically become the consensus of the game industry. Both PC and console are working in the same direction.

But PS5 changed a track, which brought us more surprises. While the picture quality is further improved, it brings us a handle with the most realistic and delicate feedback in the world and brings us a super-high-speed SSD that subverts the impression of game loading in the past, and there is no need for threshold, everything is available The stunning 3D sound effects. Sony used these to tell us again that the best host may not have the highest performance, but it will definitely be the most fun one.

All the discussions and worries before and at the beginning of the release of Playstation 5 disappeared after the actual experience. Due to the Playstation 5 GPU’s high-frequency and low-core solution, and the luxurious large-area heat dissipation + fan design, people were worried that its power consumption would overturn, that the heat dissipation could not be suppressed and that the fan noise would be unbearable.

On the performance of the actual machine, we were surprised to find that the variable frequency allows the PS5 to flexibly adapt to the needs of different games, and the maximum power is the only 200W; the luxurious cooling module makes the temperature more uniform, even the highest temperature The first generation is much better; the noise performance is even better. This is a game console with almost the same noise when it is turned on and when it is not turned on. It is even noisier than the lowest-end air purifier in your home.

As for the lifeblood of the game console, the game lineup, I think the PS5 is the one that you least need to worry about. Only the first release period, Playstation 5 has exclusive masterpieces such as “Devil’s Soul”, “Spider-Man: Miles”, “Final Fantasy 16”, “Tokyo: Ghost Line”, various Japanese games, and Sony’s first-party studio The works of will also be released on PS5 in the form of exclusive or limited-time exclusive in the future. If you don’t want to see your favorite game without staring at it because of the exclusive platform, PS5 is undoubtedly the best choice.

In the end, let’s talk about the choice of Playstation 5 CD-ROM version and digital version. In the trend of larger and larger games, the PS5’s internal storage space is only 825GB, which is a bit stretched. If you have a wide range of games and are not a fan of a single game, the CD-ROM version with 4K Blu-ray discs with a capacity of up to 100GB can largely share your pressure on storage space.

After all, even if PS5 supports extended storage, certified products are required to play the power of ultra-high-speed SSDs. Think about the built-in solid-state Samsung 980Pro 1T version of the same brand. The price is as high as 3000 yuan, and the potential cost of the digital version of the game cannot be resold. The optical drive version is obviously the most cost-effective choice.

If I were to rate the various new features of Playstation 5 Console, the brand new DualSence and tactile feedback system, stronger performance and image quality, and ultra-high-speed SSD are all equally important in my opinion. Together, they will improve the console’s gaming experience to a new level. the height of. It has vibration feedback and immersion far beyond the past, with a real picture and smoothness far beyond the past, and a seamless loading speed far beyond the past.

This is not a result that can be achieved by relying on hardware stacking alone. It depends more on the designer’s understanding of the game and the prediction of the future direction of the game in order to provide hardware that is most suitable for players.

After experiencing the PS5, the PS4 Pro at home has already looked like a chicken rib. The soft handle shakes, the long loading time, the slow system response speed, and the blurry picture make me feel that it is “tasteless”, but the Playstation 5 has a price increase. Before the status quo, it seemed “a pity to discard.” Perhaps the arrival of the Bank of China will change the status quo of price increase, but anyway, if the price is right, this host must be bought.

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