Buy Flynova Pro Flying Spinner with RGB Lights For Just $26.99 (Coupon Deal)

The fidget spinner was a huge success back then. The little gadget passed the time well and promoted finger coordination. The new Flynova Pro is a size bigger and is at least as much fun. In the following article, you will learn what is so special and captivating about the little ball. Not only the colourful light elements will amaze you. Flynova Pro is a handy ball that has a small motor. If you throw it in the air, it slowly hovers in its trajectory and then returns to your hand as if by magic in boomerang mode.

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Thanks to this feature, many tricks can be done with the gadget. Different modes can make the colourful ball fly artistically. The integrated battery has a running time of 30 minutes and can be recharged again and again with the supplied cable. The Flynova Pro can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is also suitable for playing alone or in a team and family. Easy handling also allows children to handle the glowing ball. An integrated safety mechanism stops the internal rotors immediately if the ball touches an object or person.

The robust construction ensures long fun. The Flynova Pro is particularly stubborn and can also cope with falls very well. Flynova Pro is basically a grid-like ball, with an integrated motor and propeller. The battery is small and can also be found in the middle. The appealing LED lighting makes the ball something very special in the twilight and darkness. The special flight style encourages creativity and allows a variety of games.

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It’s easy to get started with the Flynova Pro. Turn on the power button and hold the Flynova Pro upwards, then simply shake to start and give it a toss! You will quickly understand the infinite possibilities for a flight of the Flynova Pro. Launch your Flynova, then call it right back to home base – aka your hand – with The Boomerang. Toss the spinning Flynova into the air, and watch as it circles right back to you. Catch it in one hand and be ready to launch your next trick. The Flynova can spin ultra-fast while hovering in place. Put your hand underneath the Flynova Pro and follow the spinning orb as long as you can, for the feeling that you’re redefining gravity. Who said magic wasn’t real?

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Coupon Code: 55LCSRHY
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