ADO Z20C Folding Electric Bike Fat Tire is now available at just $999.99

Living in a big city? If yes, then you must be struggling while going to work. To make this struggle easy, companies all over the world, creating several products. One of them is the Folding electric bike. ADO is one of the companies which has come up with the great features folding bike, (ADO Z20C folding electric bike). With the premium craftsmanship, along with the advanced folding and anti-lock mechanism, the new electric bike will take your daily routine from exhausting to agile control.

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Features of ADO Z20C Folding bike:


The ADO Z20C is the new folding bike which is designed with the aluminium alloy. The new the aluminium alloy is the material which will keep your bike rust-free and make it durable. The aluminium material of the electric bike will make it less heavy as compared to the other electric bikes in the market. Along with this lightweight and triple folding, you can carry this bike easily in the trunk of your car. On the front top, you will get the premium HD LCD which will help you to control all the modes of the bike.

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Riding Modes:

It is always difficult to switch the modes while you are travelling in the market. The bike comes with the 350W high-efficiency brushless motor. The Shimano 7-speed transmission system will help you to shift the modes very easily. The transmission can be done by adjusting the size of the fluted disc, bringing a sense of smart, agile control.

Smart vector Control System:

The new smart system of the ADO Z20C folding electric bike is a smart vector control system. This intelligent system will help the bike to maintain the interconnection between all the parts of the body and the bike. The brain will analyze all the data and provide you with feedback on the HD screen with accurate kinetic energy, and this will allow you to save more energy/electricity while using the bike.

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As mentioned earlier, the 350W battery is what you get in the ADO Z20C folding bike. With the numerous features in this folding electric bike, you always like to have a big battery to manage all the functions. The removable BMS intelligent battery management system will intelligently monitor and maintain each unit of a battery. Somehow if the battery of your bike is low, you can automatically distribute the load as per required.

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