Buy Xiaomi SmartMi 1S Electric Heater with Touch Screen For Just $135.99 (Coupon Deal)

In the environment with more and more negative fluctuations today, it is not difficult to encounter the cutting cold in winter. Especially for those who are accustomed to living in warm conditions, the cold weather will surely become extremely harsh. The SmartMi 1S Electric Heater is part of Xiaomi’s smart eco chain with a compact design (680 x 445 x 200mm) that can be placed in many positions indoors without causing displacement. On the contrary, it also creates a neat and elegant feeling for your home space.

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The whole body is designed in a rectangular box with two sturdy non-slip feet. The curved corners on the Xiaomi SmartMi 1S Electric Heater are meticulously machined with CNC cutting technology; so it doesn’t feel as rough as other inexpensive machines. In addition, the side of the machine also comes with a button to adjust the heating temperature and heating timer. This button is designed to be flexible, can be easily turned on and off at night. At the same time, the button surface is not dirty or scratched when used. In addition, the heater body is also machined from high-quality PC + ABS plastic; which is extremely effective against fire; explosion and impact. The top of the Xiaomi heater is designed with a plastic mesh over the galvanized 0.6mm woven mesh sheet.

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Meanwhile, the entire body of the machine is sprayed; with a high-grade electrostatic charge to ensure; that toxic gases such as formaldehyde cannot be produced during use. The Xiaomi SmartMi 1S Electric Heater has a program that connects to the smartphone, users can connect to the App Mi Home download on the app store. Just need to open the management interface, users can control the heater remotely anywhere there is an Internet connection.  The operating principle of the Xiaomi heater is quite basic, mainly based on the familiar convection mechanism and heat radiation.

With this mechanism, the cold air in the room will suck from the bottom of the machine; after being heated, the hot air is pushed upwards through the heat outlet and spreads around quickly. The air will continuously circulate and uniformly heat the area around the house instead of just heating it locally; making the air dry and squash. In order to achieve the highest heating efficiency; the Xiaomi SmartMi 1S Electric Heater comes with an incandescent filament wound with high-density iron and aluminium alloy wire with a length of up to 20m. Thanks to that, after activating the machine; this unit will quickly raise the base temperature to 120oC in just 72 seconds. During the running process; the machine absolutely does not make noise, on the contrary, it also creates a warm, quiet space for your entire home space.

You can find this amazing Xiaomi Smartmi Electric Heater in the at a price of $135.99 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: SMARTMI1S (For All Warehouse)
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