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Fix Xiaomi Phone Not Receiving SMS Messages Issue

Have you guys just changed your phone? Or you have just changed your SIM card or some other problems letting surf the ways to fix Xiaomi Phone Not Receiving SMS Messages troubleshooting Issue. Well, if you have surfed and finally reached here. So, let me tell you this is the right place to learn about the issue and the solution to fix it.

So, their SMS services are already enabled on all devices. However, if they are troubleshooting in receiving SMS there might be several solutions to the issue. To know about those solutions keep on reading. This post has detail guidance and different solutions.

Let’s dive into the pool of solutions;

Solution # 1:

Restart your Xiaomi device to clear the misconception:


Okay, so it may sound so childish. You might be wondering how can any problem just solved by restarting your device. well, trust me guys any bugs and problems just occur once. Most of the time they can be solved without much effort. To fix this problem try to restart your Xiaomi device once to see whether the problem is available or not. hopefully, it might get solved.

Well if not, here we have a second solution to the problem.

Solution # 2:

Change the messaging app on a Xiaomi device:

Well, as mentioned above if restarting may not solve your problem you can jump to change your messaging application. Moreover, you can use other verified and successful messaging apps like “Google Messages” or any others. however, this cannot be the permanent solution to your problem however, it may help you in lessening the issue you are facing. Further, it would also allow you to find a better application suiting your needs and way of messaging.

Most of the time many users just don’t want to change the app. Or you can say they just hesitate to change an application due to various reasons. Still, they have solutions to the problem.

Solution # 3:

Factory reset your Xiaomi device:

This solution can be the last way to resolve any issues. However, you can easily factory reset your Xiaomi device as we have a detailed article on this topic. Moreover, factory resetting your mobile may allow you to have the best taste of your phone as before.

Hopefully, you may have been clear with these solutions. If any of you are looking for ways to Fix Xiaomi Phone Not Receiving SMS Messages Issue they may try these solutions. Moreover, for this type of amazing content, you can go ahead and have a look at our other articles.



  1. I just bought new Xiaomi 12. But cannot receive a message. Why i have to fix it. I never use Xiaomi again.I promise you.

  2. I experienced delayed messages with xiami Redmi note 11 by going to settings, in the search box, type messages, click sync messages with xcloud and activate the sync both sim 1 and sim 2

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