WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 Projector Now Available at $3499.99(COUPON)

On August 7, Wemax Technology’s 2020 Laser Home Theater New Product Launch Conference was held in Shenzhen. The new laser home theater product WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 was officially released, positioned as a “cinema-level” smart large screen product, with a price of $3499.

It is reported that the core technology of WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 is ALPD technology, which inherits the advantages of high brightness and high color gamut. It can achieve the brightness of 400nit while meeting the DCI-P3 color gamut standard and the Hollywood cinema-level color. As early as 2013, Wemax technology to overcome the shock photo shadow projection technology, and this implementation will be introduced into the home theater quality standards in the field of the D30 products.



Product D30 laser home theater
model L306ACF
Basic information type of product Ultra Short Throw Home Projector
Product size 600*380*140mm
Product weight 17.5kg
Product process Plastic for height adjustment wheel, bottom shell and light exit area ? Other CNC metal look
Color Grey
Optical machine model U30UE


In terms of appearance design, the CNC metal of the WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 is integrally formed with a streamlined metal gradation of light and shadow, which is very in line with the modern family aesthetics. On the system interface, the FengOS interface layout is flat and the layout is concise, allowing the content to be displayed without complicated, which is in line with the browsing and operating habits of large-screen users.



In terms of hardware, the WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 uses the same ALPD laser display technology of the movie projection equipment, which has reached the cinema-level standard at the source of the display technology. At the same time, D30 has realized the DCI-P3 color gamut standard. This standard is currently used internationally to define the color space of digital film projection, and represents the standard and requirements for film projection color. The launch of D30 will once again refresh the technical standards of home large-screen products, realizing the overall improvement of the three hard indicators of 100-inch large-screen, image quality and color.


WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 :The dream of cinema at home comes true now

Since it is said that it is a theater, the picture is big and the picture quality is good, it must be the standard configuration, and Wemax achieved the “top configuration” as soon as it shot.


WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 adopts the same ALPD® laser display technology of movie projection equipment, which has reached the cinema-level standard at the source of the display technology. 0.25 ultra-short throw projection, you can create a huge 80-150 inch shocking screen!

High brightness does not hurt the eyes, more immersive and more realistic


High-brightness 400nit, with 100-inch Fresnel optical anti-light hard screen, the effect is better, no fear of ambient light, clear during the day ~ C-position in the living room, it must be diffuse reflection imaging, professional cinema-level imaging principle, in order to reduce the human body more effectively Blue light radiation and visual fatigue!

Based on the standard that it is consistent with the original color of the movie, the WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 color gamut meets the DCI-P3 standard. On top of the Rec.709 color gamut standard, it can further show the beautiful light and film industry.

WEMAX D30 also supports 4K+HDR10 image processing technology to further improve the depth of field and detail effects of the picture, and the MEMA motion compensation makes watching 4K blockbuster movies smoother and more realistic on the giant screen!

Equipped with FengOS designed for large screens


WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 is Wemax’s first laser home theater product equipped with FengOS. As a large-screen customized immersive intelligent audio-visual operating system, FengOS is equipped with a self-developed page engine, coupled with self-developed FAV and FAA audio-visual engines, so that content loading is smooth and smooth, and the audio-visual effect is greatly improved. Needless to say, the full coverage of film and television content is naturally the most popular and in-house in FengOS!

Even better! FengOS is equipped with game equipment, VR equipment, robots, smart home equipment, etc., and obtains intelligent services and functions including audio-visual entertainment OTT video-on-demand, community interaction, game entertainment, interactive education, and real-time information to experience the “future style” of life.


Whether it’s laser black technology or smart experience, Wemax 4K laser home theater WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 is worth looking forward to!

Where to buy WEMAX APPOTRONICS D30 Projector?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

Without Coupon Code: $3899.9
With Coupon Code: BGAFF10OFF  $3499.9

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