SOAIY SH39 bluetooth 5.0 Electronic Sports Speaker Colorful Laser Light offered for $69.99

well, you have just come across a very special Soundbar today, since SOAIY’s proposal has one of the strangest Designs anyone has seen, and at the same time it has many possibilities! The SH39, has 3 different versions, with the simple one, the Clock, and the Game that is passed today, which is the same as the Clock, but full of colorful LEDs, so it is Gaming.

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SOAIY SH39 Bluetooth Speaker – Check the price at AliExpress

The cut on all three is 1800R, i.e it follows the curvature that Curved screens on the market usually have, so if you have one, a box will come under your screen. In the middle of its upper surface it has a small screen indicating the time and the icons of its functions.

To the right and left of the screen you will find the dual stereo speakers with 6W each, which come with dual apertures I often achieve lately, and I have no idea what they are. Reviewer from Lidl. Finally, in front of a lower step, you will find 14 mechanical buttons that look like they come directly from a mechanical keyboard, which are used to control the functions of the sound bar.

The connection of your devices with SOAIY SH39, can be done in several different ways, since the offer bar has USB, AUX In, MicroUSB, Card Reader and Bluetooth 5.0, so with the unique absence of Optical, whatever else you want to connect up, you can. A! It also has FM Radio. In fact, integrated in the SH39 you will find a 3600mAh battery, which gives it a range of 6 hours, if you want to take it to the living room, for a short party.

Where to buy The SOAIY SH39 Bluetooth 5.0 Electronic Sports Speaker

The SOAIY SH39 Bluetooth 5.0 Electronic Sports Speaker is available on AliExpress.

SOAIY SH39 Bluetooth Speaker – Check the price at AliExpress

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