Cenava P3T Mini Windows 10 PC now available for just $169.99

Portable mini PC products are quite a in demand today. The all-new Cenava P3T Mini Windows 10 PC comes in an ultra-portable physique and mind-blowing technicalities. This guide will acquaint you with the device’s configurations and highlighting features.

When it comes to portraying Cenava’s latest P3T Mini PC, you will be left astonished, thanks to its ultra-lightweight design and technical realm. It runs the Windows 10 OS and powerful Intel Celeron J4115 quad-core processor to meet the everyday requirements.

Further, the 8GB RAM and 128GB storage seem enough to save your valuable data. The black-colored computer system loads various other thoughtful qualities as follows.

Features Cenava P3T Mini Windows 10PC:

Design and Construction

The company has utilized the nano plastic material to draft the device shell. It is a portable machine that can also be mounted on the wall. The small-sized & squared design is impressive, having multiple ports around it.

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Cenava P3T Mini Windows 10 PC

On the backside, you will get USB 3.0, HDMI, DC Power, Ethernet port, VGA interface, and SD card slot. It measures 121.70×121.70×23.70mm and weighs 234g.

Operating System and Processor

The software wing of the Cenava P3T PC installs the latest Windows 10 OS. You will enjoy full support for multiple applications and software programs. Surprisingly, users can also install the Linux platform as per requirements.

Mini PC 2020

In the processing unit, the device installs the potent Intel Celeron J4115 quad-core 1.8Ghz processor. It further adjoins the Intel HD Graphics 600 chip in the GPU corridor.

The system takes only 10 seconds to boot.

Intel J4115 4K

Cenava P3T Mini Windows 10 PC Memory

In terms of storage space, the new Cenava P3T Windows PC provides an 8GB DDR4 in the RAM slot. Similarly, the internal storage capacity counts 128GB SSD. Luckily, you can attach the external (1 TB) hard drive as well. Users will capture incredible multitasking and faster operations.


The wireless connectivity options conclude dual-band 5G WIFI and Bluetooth 4.2 protocols. It delivers seamless connectivity to avoid the intricated wiring system.

Cenava Mini Pc 2020

To ensure physical connections, the system comes with multiple ports around the chassis to make your life easier.

Heat Dissipation System

Furthermore, Cenava’s latest development brings an excellent heat dissipation system to control the temperature smartly. It enhances performance without producing a bit of noise.

Windows 2020 PC

Cenava P3T Mini Windows 10 PC Price

Well, the Cenava P3T Mini PC 8GB/64GB is available for orders on the GeekBuying store against $169.99.

Similarly, the 8GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB variants come for $189.99 and $209.99, respectively.

The top-end 8GB/512GB model is priced at $239.99.

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