Teclast T30 Pro Tablet: Doomed To Success

Doesn’t the price increase the incense? There is no doubt that it is delicious! At present, many large manufacturers have perfectly inherited the good practice of the market. While ensuring the upgrade of new products, they can also control the selling price at the “original price”, which is within the range that users can easily accept. For example, Teclast T30 Pro, as the first new product released by the Ingenuity series this year, has the same price as T30, but the configuration has been substantially upgraded. Let’s take a look at it briefly.

Teclast T30 Pro

Performance upgrade

As an upgraded version of T30, Teclast T30 Pro has made a new optimization on the basis of preserving the advantages of T30. Let’s talk about the performance first. Teclast’s T30 Pro is equipped with MediaTek’s 10-core P70 processor. As an overclocked version of MediaTek’s P60, its performance is superior to Snapdragon 660 and Kirin 955. Up to 2.1GHz frequency, with the GPU (gaming graphics card) upgraded to G72, while enhancing AI computing and imaging capabilities, it also reduces power consumption by 60%. Simply put, even if the operating speed is increased, the heating speed is reduced.

Teclast T30 Pro

For example, in the face of mainstream games such as “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite”, Teclast T30 Pro can easily do it, especially when facing difficult scenes (where there are higher requirements for mobile phone performance), it turns out that T30Pro does not matter It is that the screen can be rendered normally and has a natural transition, even the smoothness of the operation, the overall appearance is very impressive, and there will be no freezing or frame loss.

Teclast T30 Pro

18W fast charging landing + storage upgrade

It is worth mentioning that, taking into account the needs of the public, Teclast T30 Pro also added the MTK-PE2.0 protocol fast charging function this time, with a standard fast charging charger + fast charging data cable, and for the first time the 18W fast charging was placed on a thousand yuan tablet. Compared with the 10W fast charge of T30, under normal circumstances, the charging time is reduced by one third, which fundamentally improves the charging speed.

Teclast T30 Pro

As we all know, it is recognized that the power consumption of tablets is faster than that of mobile phones, and this is mainly due to screen consumption. However, the method given by the manufacturer is also very straightforward, and the battery capacity is increased, and the same is true for the T30Pro. It has a built-in 8000mAh super-capacity battery. According to the official statement, it can be used continuously for about 11 hours of video playback when fully charged. Note that this is a heavy power consumption situation; if it is light daily use (such as chatting, Moments, reading novels, watching movies), one charge a day or even two days is no problem.

Another difference from T30 is that Teclast T30 Pro has made new breakthroughs in storage specifications and systems. Compared with the 4GB+64GB storage specifications, 6GB+128GB creates more favorable conditions for large file storage and operating speed; the latter is Upgraded to Android 10, on the basis of optimizing intelligent AI capabilities, gesture touch and dark mode are added, and the user experience is further enhanced. With the upgrade to UFS2.1 reading and writing speed, after completing the application installation, opening the APP, and browsing Weibo and Taobao, the speed is qualitatively improved compared to the T30.

Breakthrough in full-fit screen technology

Then there is the screen section. Considering the display effect and interactive experience, it is different from T30’s “separate” full-fit technology (the display and touch screen can be separated), and the 10.1-inch IPS screen of Teclast T30 Pro uses incell full Laminating technology, on the basis of reducing the thickness of the screen, essentially optimizes the display effect and touch experience of the screen, making the touch sensitivity and followability of the screen approach the level of mainstream mobile phones. As for the resolution is 1920×1200, the refresh rate is the standard 60Hz, which guarantees the picture clarity (1080P HD video can be played) and detailed description (60 frames per second capture), and the visual perception is stronger.

Teclast T30 Pro

Interestingly, Teclast T30 Pro is also equipped with eye protection mode and dark mode (accessory after system upgrade), which can inhibit blue light and eye protection. If you like to hold the tablet for a long time to watch videos and play games, it is recommended Used in mode. The split-screen function is better understood. One screen is dual-purpose. After all, even when the large screen is used in dual-screen, it can have the equivalent of two mobile phone screens, and enjoy double happiness at any time.

The back Teclast T30Pro still uses the metal shell, which is hard and wear-resistant, not prone to scratches and wear; coupled with the 2.5D frame design, it is more comfortable to hold the hand, and there will be no squeezing of the hand, which will be more in line with the hand engineering design.

Teclast T30 Pro

In the shooting part, the front has 5 million pixels, and the rear has 8 million pixels, which can be used for daily shooting and video calls; there are three options, two card slots and dual speakers, dual card dual standby (4G card), or It is not a problem to create an immersive listening experience.

In general, Teclast T30 Pro can be regarded as a powerful interpretation of the six characters “increase in quantity and refuse to increase in price”. From 6+128 storage specifications, to UFS2.1 reading and writing speed, Android 10 system, and optimization in details, all closely follow ” “Ingenuity” this indicator. Not to mention the new incell full-fit screen technology, 8000mAh large battery, MediaTek P70 processor and other advantages. 

How to buy Teclast T30 Tablet?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!


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