Buy LANKELEISI XT750 Plus Folding Electric Bicycle For Just $1,399.99 (Coupon Deal)

XT750 is the best-selling series from Lankeleisi. This time the LANKELEISI XT750 Plus Folding Electric Bicycle comes with a Fat Bikes model that has a tire characteristic that is bigger than a bicycle in general. Even though it has big tires, it doesn’t mean that it will be heavier. Still like other variants. You will be assisted by battery and motor power support so that you will not get tired even when climbing the slope. This bike is also equipped with hydraulic disk brake brakes, adjustable suspension, shifting from Shimano, and an aluminium frame. Lankeleisi XT750 Plus is equipped with a 1000w brushless motor as a support for additional power when you are riding a bicycle. With that much power, riding a climb with this bike feels so easy.

Coupon Code: GKB484S (PL) – GKB554S (EU)
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This Lankeleisi XT750 Plus electric bicycle has a quality frame made of aluminium alloy. This material is famous for being lightweight, sturdy, and not easy to rust. This material also makes the body of the bike so light but still sturdy and provides high stability when you drive it. Now the most obvious difference between the Plus variants of the other XT750 series is the presence of large tires measuring 26 x 4 inches, making this bike included in the Fat Bikes category. This tire is very suitable for use on asphalt roads that prefer the fun to ride.

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This Lankeleisi XT750 Plus bike is increasingly sophisticated with the presence of headlights like a motorcycle. Cycling at night certainly no need to worry any more Fear of the dark. Gear management is very easy and suits your needs in cycling, so you can pedal comfortably without caring about your travel terrain. The shifting system itself uses parts from Shimano that have been quality apart in the world of bicycling. Interestingly again, the incubation system also has adopted a hydraulic mechanism which is certainly safer and clearly premium.

Lankeleisi XT750 Plus carries a special city bike model to make it easier for you to walk stably on the texture of paved roads that often have holes and “speed bumps”. Interestingly you can also adjust the spring level of this suspension according to your needs. Like a motorized vehicle, this bike also has an LED meter display panel that displays information on mileage and vehicle speed as well as battery capacity. The Lankeleisi XT750 Plus is equipped with a 10aH lithium battery pack. The battery is able to supply additional power with a single charger. Bicycles can also adopt electric tablets derived from motor engines in them. This machine will provide additional power when you bike. If this bike runs out of battery, there’s no need to worry. 2 notes & just like a bicycle in general.

You can find this amazing LANKELEISI XT750 Plus Folding Electric Bicycle in the with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: GKB484S (PL) – GKB554S (EU)
Buy at $1,399.99 & Ship From PL Warehouse Buy at $1,474.99 & Ship From EU Warehouse

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