TOX1 Amlogic S905X3 Smart Android 9.0 TV Box offered for $47.99

A dark horse among TV boxes. It is not yet highly popular among users, but has already received a very good response from bloggers. The TV Box runs on the popular Amlogic S905X3 processor, has pass-through ventilation and many useful “goodies” right out of the box. A distinctive feature of the TOX1’s appearance is the four-sided perforation for cooling the console during operation. The set-top box also has a removable antenna that amplifies the WI-FI signal. Connectors for connection are located along the edges of the set-top box, on the upper side in the center there is the name “TOX”. In general, the console looks strict and practical.

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Two USB ports

The TV box has two USB ports, versions 2.0 and 3.0, as well as an HDMI port, which allows you to install and connect the box to almost any projector or TV. Unfortunately, the set-top box does not have an S / PDIF connector. Therefore, if your idea requires high-quality sound output, we recommend that you refer to our article “How to connect a speaker system to a projector” . At the first start, you need to go to the sound settings and select Russian. As a result, we will see such a desktop.

TOX1 offers all the possibilities of customizing Android 9.0 for yourself, and therefore the network has already accumulated an order of various information and turnkey customization recipes. If you wish, you can also familiarize yourself with them by choosing and adjusting exactly those settings that are most important to you. But in general, the console is quite working and can be comfortably used right out of the box.

Autoframe and HD sound right out of the box

One of the key features is support for a native frame rate, which allows you to adjust the frame rate when viewing content. And also support for HD sound, which is certainly a big plus for audio files. When testing basic capabilities, the TOX1 performs well in tasks such as playing 4K content from external media and through applications like YouTube or KinoTrend. The speed of the wireless connection is kept at an excellent level, obviously, the presence of an antenna still plays a role. In performance tests, the console is gaining quite decent results. For example, in Antutu TOX1 demonstrates 66855 points, and in the synthetic test 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme 5326 points. Play on the console will work, but again, heavy games like Tanki Online will be played only at minimum settings and with a frame rate of no more than 30fps. In this case, the temperature of the prefix will reach 85 degrees.

Lots of user information

An interesting fact that TOX1 users have discovered is that the TV Box can be slightly improved by removing the built-in anthers. How practical this solution is is a controversial issue. By removing the two anthers, you can essentially only win a couple of degrees when playing games. Is it worth it? You decide. Just in case, we will leave here a video with instructions on how to do this not tricky procedure. In general, the TOX1 set-top box obviously deserves attention, and at its relatively low cost, it has all the necessary functions for comfortable work with most of the multimedia tasks that an ordinary user face.

Where to buy The TOX1 Amlogic S905X3 Smart Android 9.0 TV Box

The TOX1 Amlogic S905X3 Smart Android 9.0 TV Box is available on Banggood for just $47.99

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