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How to Factory Reset Xiaomi Air 2 pro?

Wondering how can you quickly factory reset your Xiaomi Air 2 pro? Then, you are just in the right place! We are providing you a step by step guidance to factory reset your wireless earbuds. If you encounter any problem while pairing your Xiaomi earbuds then the most convenient thing to do is factory reset the wireless earbuds.

Before factory resetting, you can try resolving your pairing problems. Firstly, check your Bluetooth device is compatible with Xiaomi Air 2 pro earbuds. Besides, avoid any frequency range that can disturb your connection with your BT device such as a Microwave oven.

If you still can’t pair your devices, then delete all the previous pairing devices from your mobile and try connecting them with your mobile. Make sure that you place both your BT devices close enough for quick pairing.

After trying all the above-mentioned tips, if you can’t pair your devices then all you have to do is factory resetting your Xiaomi Air 2 pro. We can help you by showing how conveniently and quickly you can factory reset your Xiaomi wireless earbuds. Let’s go!

Factory Reset of Xiaomi Air 2 pro

Whenever you encounter a pairing problem with your Xiaomi Air 2 pro earbuds then factory reset them by following the below-mentioned steps:

1: First, delete all the previous connectivity records from your Bluetooth device. Also, disconnect your wireless earbuds if you are listening to a low-quality sound with the earbuds.

2: Pick both the earbuds in your hands. Press and hold the multi-functional button of both wireless earbuds until the LED light flashes red and white alternatively before turning off.

3: The LED light indicates that the factory resetting of your Xiaomi Air 2 pro earbuds is completed before turning off.

4: Place both the Xiaomi wireless earbuds in the charging case and close the lid.

5: If you want to use the wireless earbuds again then open the lid. Press the main functional button of the charging case. The white LED light blinks to indicate that both the earbuds are in pairing mode. Therefore, you can conveniently pair these Xiaomi Air 2 pro earbuds with your BT device.

We hope you find this article useful and informative for you. Besides, if you encounter any problem with your earbuds then try applying the above-mentioned factory resetting steps. Just try it!

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