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How to Exit Fastboot Mode on Xiaomi and Redmi Phones:

Are you searching for solutions for ROM and computers? Maybe you just want to exit Fastboot mode on Xiaomi and Redmi Phones without making your mobile suffer. Fastboot mode can be useful in these cases. Well, there’s no big deal, lets me tell you how to do that step by step. 

However, many times the process of fast booting is much easier in some cases while in some cases it might get irritating. While the process takes you to the recovery or main menu which can be hassling. By processing through our given steps you can do it easily and in less time. 

So, lets’ start with our step by step process:

Steps to Exit Fastboot Mode on Xiaomi and Redmi Phones:

  Once you just have a look at your phones’ screen may feel it is impossible fixing the issue without causing any damage. But, that’s not the case, let us explain to you a simple method:

Step # 1:

Hold your smartphone, press, and hold the power button for 10 to 15 seconds assuring it to turn off. 

Step # 2:

After that, turn on your phone again, you will not see that problem occurring again. 

However, sometimes in other cases like different models or different causes of the problem may not be treated with this method. Still, there Is nothing to worry about, we have got your back. If the upper given steps seem to fail to resolve your problem, try out this one:

Step to be followed to fastboot:

Press your mobiles’ power button and volume down button for some seconds maybe 10 to 15 seconds. After that, you will see the phone turning off. 

fastboot 1

But if you feel the problem is getting more complicated than it should be, you can still solve it. In case if you are unable to use the volume down button, you can follow these steps. Besides, these steps are important and must follow to resolve the issue. Also, it can encounter other issues as well. 

Step # 1:

Same as before, hold and press the power and increase the volume button for 10 to 15 seconds until it turns off. 

Step # 2:

It will prompt you to the“ main menu” recovery, which is just an easy thing to exit. 


Exiting the fastboot main menu without deleting anything:

However, the upper given steps will lead you to the main menu, but it is equally important to exit without deleting anything from your phone. Exiting fastboot from Xiaomi in a bad way can cause your smartphone to suffer internal damage. Besides, there is an easy and proven method to exit the main menu which can be followed. 

In this method, we have to use increase and decrease volume keys to scroll up and scroll down. While for accepting, we have to use the power button and a single touch would make our work done, easy. Lets’ check how can we reboot without damaging our mobile. 

Step # 1:

Hold and press your power button for 10 seconds. As it shows the reboot option, touch it, and reboot your phone. 

Step # 2:

After this, your phone will restart. Further, this method helps your phone restarting without any suffering through any damage. 

Problem during getting out of fastboot menu:

In many cases, it is found and noticed that the ROM of Xiaomi phones is just failed without any major issue. However, this means, we cannot exit the fastboot without following the upper mentioned steps. Moreover, to resolve the issue you have to install the original ROM. The original ROM can be installed through fastboot. Further, you can use the tool named MI flash to install the original ROM of Xiaomi phones. 

So, these were the methods to the different solutions faced while exiting fastboot Mode on Xiaomi and Redmi Phones. We hope you are clear with the steps. Moreover, if you feel any problem regarding any issue while fast booting or exiting the recovery menu you can simply comment down. Further, don’t hesitate while telling your query, we will help to cover you in different ways.

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