Xiaomi Dreame D9 Review: Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

The Dreame D9 Robot Vacuum is finally here and this is the ultimate Xiaomi Dreame D9 Review. With a busy lifestyle, it’s difficult to clean your house regularly. It takes up a lot of time and energy. The weekend is the only time you get a break, and for many, it’s packed even then. During the pandemic, it’s become a priority to keep our house clean. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do that without putting in any effort or time? We’re lucky in a way to be in a rapidly changing world where you can get everything at your fingertips. Most of you must have already guessed what product I’m talking about, the famous robot vacuums.

Unfortunately, they come at a very high price, and the cheap ones don’t get the job done, or they get stuck. With the Dreame D9, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s affordable and gets the job done, but does it have good features? We’ve got all your queries covered in the Dreame D9 robot vacuum review. In the Xiaomi Dreame D9 review, you’ll find out about every aspect in detail. Keep reading for the Dreame D9 robot vacuum review.

Spec Sheet

Motor: Japanese Nidec brushless motor
Battery Life: 150 mins Runtime
Dustbin Capacity: 570ML
Coupon Offer: $279.99 $399.99
Bottom Line

The Dreame D9 by Xiaomi has been quite impressive with my daily use. I was a bit sceptical about the suction power but the Dreame D9 has proved me wrong and offered a great overall experience. Further, the price is quite a deal-breaker for this brilliant Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

[yasr_overall_rating] Dreame D9 by Xiaomi

Design and Interface

Xiaomi Dreame D9 Review
Xiaomi Dreame D9 Review

When we consider the design aspect of the robot vacuum in the Dreame D9 review, I would say that it is minimalist. When I first got my hands on the Dreame D9, I loved the simplicity of it. It has a circular body in white with a dimension of 350 × 350 × 96.88 mm. It has a net weight of 3800g. The Dreame D9 has a three-button layout. There’s a dome-like circular top that acts as a pressure sensor for low hanging furniture. It has a stylish charger that doesn’t occupy too much space. Therefore, in the Dreame D9 robot vacuum review, I can say that it looks elegant with a simple look.

Xiaomi Dreame D9 How to Clean
Xiaomi Dreame D9 How to Clean

Let’s take a look at the interface in the Dreame D9 robot vacuum review. At the back of the Dreame D9 vacuum, there are two wheels on the side, a central wheel, cleaning brush and a side brush for cleaning the edges. It has a Japanese Nidec brushless motor; Fluid mechanics wind tunnel and 0.3 microns refined filter. I found it easy to set up the Dreame D9 without any issue.

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Motor and Power

Motor Power Dreame D9 Vacuum Cleaner
Motor Power Dreame D9 Vacuum Cleaner

The suction power of the Dreame D9 has caught all of us off-guard. It has 3,000 Pa suction power which is extraordinary and that sets it apart from other robot vacuums. There are four suction modes. While cleaning carpets, it automatically boosts the pressure to clean them effectively. I tested it out to see if it does a good job. It’s truly impressive to see how well the robot vacuum does its job. With high suction power and a boost in pressure, it successfully got rid of most of the dirt from the carpet. Thus, I can say that it does an incredible job in cleaning carpets in the Dreame D9 robot vacuum review.

Super Silent Motors on this Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Super Silent Motors on this Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I honestly dread the noise that robot vacuums make but that’s not the case with the Dreame D9.

Luckily, the level of silence is as low as 65 dB(A) in Dreame D9, and it was evident while cleaning. In the Dreame D9 review, I could say that the Dreame D9 does an amazing job of providing users with a great experience.

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Cleaning performance

dreame d9 robot vacuum cleaning carpet
dreame d9 robot vacuum cleaning carpet

The cleaning performance is a major factor in the Xiaomi Dreame D9 review. The Dreame D9 has a 570 ml dust cup and a 270 ml water tank. There are three levels of water flow for different floors, including wooden floor, cement floor and tile floor. It can clean up to 250 sq. meters on a single charge. The sensor allows it to detect and cross obstacles up to 20m. I did notice that if it accidentally hits the wall, it redirects without causing any dent.

You can Sweep-and-Mop as well, so it’s 2 in 1. While it doesn’t leave your floor spotless while mopping, it does a great job in cleaning your floors mildly. For pet owners, I’ve got some good news for you; it’s pet friendly. Overall, in the Dreame D9 review, I can say it’s effective at cleaning and the noise reduction provides a better user experience.

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APP Integration

App Integration for Dreame D9
App Integration for Dreame D9

The App integration is also an essential aspect in the Dreame D9 review. Without the app, you miss out on the wonderful features that it offers. The Mi Home app is compatible with any smartphone that runs on iOS and Android. You can also connect with Alexa for a hands-free experience which I find convenient. With the app, you could schedule a time for Dreame D9 to clean every day. It would perform its job even when you’re not at home. You could specify it to clean all the rooms or a certain area. The app allows you to define virtual walls so that the robot vacuum avoids those areas. There is an option to select no go areas while mopping to ensure that your carpets remain dry. I found the app to be useful and user friendly in the Dreame D9 robot vacuum review.


Smart Sensors
Smart Sensors

There are many features that we’ll look into in the Dreame D9 robot vacuum review. It has a 3.0 LDS laser system which makes use of the SLAM smart algorithm. With the algorithm, it can create a map efficiently. It can keep the map in memory and recognize rooms that were already cleaned. There are 13 sensors, including anti-collision and anti-fall. There is a wall sensor to optimize efficiency in cleaning edges and corners. While there are many robot vacuums with a camera, I prefer the Dreame D9 for privacy reasons. There are three layer map memory, which is great if you have a house with three floors. Thus, I could say that it provides you with incredible features at a low price in the Dreame D9 review.

Battery Life

Dreame D9 Charging
Dreame D9 Charging

The battery life is the last aspect in the Dreame D9 robot vacuum review. It has a 5200 mAh battery. With the battery, it can last for 150 minutes, which is around 2.5 hours. The best part is that when the Dreame D9 runs out of charge, it resumes cleaning once it is fully charged. Thus, in the Dreame D9 review, I can say that it has wonderful battery life.

Is the Dreame D9 worth buying?

From the Dreame D9 review, we could say that it is a great robot vacuum to own and it’s worth your money. The Dreame D9 has a minimalist design, high suction power, low noise, an integrated app, amazing features and incredible battery life. It also has great functionality with precise mapping and awesome user experience. It doesn’t get better than this. Hence, after the Xiaomi Dreame D9 review, I would say that it’s hard to find a better robot vacuum than this at this price.

So, if you are looking for a robot vacuum that is super silent and can reach hard places then the Dreame D9 by Xiaomi is one of your best picks.

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