FIIDO D3 Mini Aluminum Alloy Folding Electric Bike for $429.99

A huge market is taking place for electric and folding bikes suitable for each age group. FIIDO is also extensively grabbing the market with another new launch of FIIDO D3 electric bike with aluminum alloy shell and Multi-color options.

The FIIDO smart electric bike uses 250W motor along with a 36V Li-ion battery for convenient and hassle-free driving. Similarly, the design is quite simple and attractive with an extra folding feature. For use in the night, the smart electric bike has LED light in the front.

Therefore, the FIIDO D3 smart electric bike is an excellent vehicle suitable for adults and teenagers with lightweight texture.

FIIDO D3 Features and Specifications:

Design and Color

The folding and a lightweight design of the FIIDO D3 smart electric bike is the first-hand impression. The vehicle is intelligently designed by keeping in mind every gender and age-group. It consists of a comfortable and adjustable seat with the dual-disc brake system. In addition, four color options Silk White, Black, Night and White are there to choose from.

FIIDO D3 hands on

Adjustable Saddle and handlebar

Being flexible, the FIIDO D3 smart electric bike provides adjustable saddle and handlebar to adjust as per the height of the driver. Therefore, every age group is welcomed to ride it free of mind.

Multiple Driving Modes

You can switch between three driving modes to enjoy different rides- Pedal Mode, Moped Mode, and Electric Mode. It can touch the speed up to 40 km and 80 km on electric and moped modes respectively.

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FIIDO D3 Folding Design

Similarly, the FIIDO is focusing on delivering a folding design that can be easy to carry the bike wherever you go. Hence, it will not occupy a big space and can easily be stored in the car etc.

FIIDO D3 250W Motor

The D3 smart electric bike is equipped with a 250W powerful motor installed in the rear tire. It can produce the maximum speed up to 25 km/h on spot road and can climb the sloppy way of up to 25-degree.

FIIDO D3 Electric Scooter Coupon


A 5.2 AH 36V Li-ion battery is there to support the smart bike in every way. Further, it takes 4 to 5 hours to get a full charge.


The FIIDO D3 smart electric bike incorporates 14-inch inflatable rubber tires with mechanical disc brake facility. Moreover, the tires are an anti-slip texture with a wear-resistant and durable approach.


The price of the FIIDO D3 smart electric bike is $429.99 after a 23% discount on Gearbest. Click here to buy now:

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