Jeeback G3 Neck Massager From Xiaomi Available at $39.99| 11.11 Sale

Sitting for a long time during the day makes you feel achy in the neck area, so you want to find a specialized device that can effectively and flexibly massage the neck. Jeeback G3 neck massage machine is the best choice, helping you relax after stressful working hours.

Jeeback G3

Jeeback G3 Specs:

Trademark Jeeback
Model G3
Rated power 5W
Rated voltage 3.7V
Energy supply Polymer battery
Product weight 196g
Packing size 180 x 170 x 60mm
Remote control dimensions 80 x 40mm
Product dimensions As shown in the post

Why should own Jeeback G3 ancient massage machine?

Jeeback G3 modern massage machine from Jeeback brand with unique, flexible design, equipped with advanced TENS massage technology, simulating 4 different massage methods, to meet all the relaxation needs of users. The use of this massage device will help the blood circulation process more flexibly, effectively reduce headaches and dizziness commonly found in office workers, the elderly or long-distance drivers

Jeeback G3

Flexible and modern design

The first impression of the Jeeback G3 neck massage machine is the unique U-shaped design that can be stretched, allowing the user to flexibly adjust the appropriate width for easy neck wear. In addition, the extremely intelligent pads are arranged on the device for good contact and adaptability to the curves of the user’s neck, helping the massage process take place more accurately and effectively.

Jeeback G3 Jeeback G3

In addition, the quite compact design with delicate ivory white tone and light weight of only 196g allows users to not only use the massage machine to relax in the office or home, but also can be easily carried. Used in outing or business trips.

Jeeback G3

Multi-direction massage mechanism, effective heat massage

Jeeback G3 neck massage machine uses TENS massage technology with low frequency pulse below 1000Hz to effectively relax the muscles in the neck area. Specifically, the device applies the TENS low-frequency pulse principle to simulate 4 main massage techniques: light massage, massage, wind shave, acupuncture and combination modes with the ability to customize up to 10 levels . together. In particular, the machine is equipped with an operation mechanism with a massage intensity of 83 times / minute to help quickly reduce permanent pain around the neck, improving the efficiency of blood circulation.

Jeeback G3 Jeeback G3

In addition to the above 4 massage methods, Jeeback G3 also incorporates a thermal massage mechanism , very suitable for patients with degenerative cervical vertebrae due to slow circulation of blood, especially in winter. With a highly sensitive sensor , the device can accurately control and maintain the temperature at 42 ° C for 3 seconds to effectively resolve the cold of the cervical spine, improve blood circulation and reduce pain quickly. fast.

Innovative structure with double electrodes

Unlike the Jeeback G2 massage machine that only owns 3 electrodes, this G3 version has been improved with 4 massage heads including double anode and negative double electrode , made of stainless steel , forming a omnidirectional massage mechanism . No matter how the user moves or sway, it will ensure that at least one side of the negative and positive electrodes is connected, helping to maintain the massage process most effectively. . Furthermore, each of the above electrodes are attached in four 360 ° floating massage heads , giving the flexibility to adapt to all neck structures of different groups of people.

Jeeback G3

Equipped with remote control, long battery life

For more convenience in use, the manufacturer has equipped the Jeeback G3 with a handheld remote control. With the simple operation mechanism, even the elderly can easily operate the device by themselves.

The Jeeback G3 massage machine is equipped with the popular Type-C charging port . Specifically, in 1 charge, if you use the machine to massage for 30 minutes per day, the device can provide energy for  8 days . In particular, if the electrode pads are not in contact with the skin, they will automatically turn off after 60 seconds  to ensure safety and energy savings.

Where to buy Jeeback G3 Neck Massager From Xiaomi?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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