Hubsan Zino Pro Plus Foldable Drone now available for $396.99| Discount: $450

With the ZINO series’s launch a few years ago, Hubsan is continuously adding more products to the series. Hubsan Zino Pro Plus is the new product launched by the company. We are heading towards the 11.11, the big sale of the year. This is the right time to get the product in the market. So, Hubsan made the product available in the market just after the launch.

This time Hubsan has introduced the customers with the 4k resolution camera and 3-axis gyro gimbal. It will allow us to capture the drone’s best images with an image transmission distance of 8KM.

Features of Hubsan Zino Pro Plus:


The design of the Hubsan Zino Pro Plus is retained from the previous drone from the company. The moderate weight of the drone makes it easy to control it and even better for long travels. The new feature added to the Hubsan Zino units is that it follows you wherever you go.

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Husban Zino Pro Plus


The new SYNCLEAS technology will help you in image transmission even from an 8KM distance. This might be strange, but yes, Hubsan comes with this tech in the mid-range drone. When you have to land your drone, it will automatically find the apron and implement an accurate landing. You also get the feature of surround mode; you can make a center point, and the drone will revolve around it.

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As the drone’s weight is reduced, the flight control is easy, and you can take more stable shots. The Ambarella A12S image chip tech added to the drone with the 4K UHD captures the best moments of your life. Video recording of the drone is cool with the 3840 X 2160 resolution. From a very high altitude, you can create the best image with a 180-degree spherical panorama.

Husban Zino Pro Plus Camera

3-Axis Gimbal:

The 3-axis gimbal comes in the Hubsan Zino Pro Plus drone. This will help the drone to fly stably and not vibrate during the flight. Overall this will help you to take stable and smoother images.

Husban Zino Pro Plus


If you love the drones’ short time flights, then Hubsan Zino Pro Plus is for you. Hubsan has upgraded this new version with the latest technology 3S polymer battery with 5000mAh. The 5000mAh battery will allow you to fly the drone for up to 43 minutes. This feature will give great competition to the Xiaomi FIMI X8 Se 2020.

Husban Zino Pro Plus


We are heading towards the 11.11, and every online store provides the best offers on every product. Banggood is now giving the Hubsan Zino Pro Plus at a very low price of $396.99. If you are here to add one new tech drone to your wardrobe, then you must consider this new drone at the lowest price.


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