Top 3 Xiaomi Sub-Brand Electric Bike That You Can Buy This Sales Season

Did you know that Xiaomi has three models of electric bikes on the market? In Spain, the most sold is the Qicycle EF1, which is the flagship electric bike of the Chinese brand. But in addition, Xiaomi markets under its brand the Himo V1 Plus and the Himo C20.

Xiaomi has gained its popularity thanks to smartphones and tablets. But this is only the first step in his ambitious project to create the Xiaomi Ecosystem: the Xiaomi division in charge of creating innovative devices controlled by mobile phones: from home automation to urban mobility.

This association results in electric bicycles that connect with a segment of users who are looking for electric bicycles of high technological quality, with quality components at a reasonable and “honest” price.

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Xiaomi Mi QiCycle EF1

And is that the Qicycle is not just any bike. It is a high-end smart bike or “smart bicycle” that incorporates a lot of electronics: Bluetooth, GPS, an app for the smartphone, pedaling monitoring, speed, power, calories, and in addition to that they apply the latest technology in the components so that the riding experience is much easier and more enjoyable.

At first, it looks like a small bicycle. And it really is. But its design means that when you mount it, it is robust and molds perfectly to you.

But Xiaomi is above all innovation and design. They say that elegance is discreet. And there is a lot of work in this line to get the Qicycle not even look like an electric bike. The battery is built into the horizontal tube, so it is not visible.

Main features :

  • Complies with regulations: 250 W motor and a maximum speed of 25 km / h.
  • Ultra-light: 14.5kg.
  • Aluminum alloy chassis for a maximum payload of 100kg.
  • Panasonic lithium battery with autonomy up to 45 km.
  • 16-inch tire: Agile, fast, and perfect for rolling on different terrains.
  • Sturdy, gap-free fold.
  • Very simple on-board computer and mobile application to see your routes in detail.
  • Suitable for young people and adults: adjustable saddle height for the whole family to use, up to 185 cm.
  • 3 speeds and 3 assisted pedaling modes.
  • Integrated LED front light.

Its easy folding and lightness are designed for urban mobility. To reduce the weight they have used an aluminum structure that is used in aviation. And the folding is done by means of a tilting system, so it maintains the rigidity and resistance of a conventional bicycle.

Its small diameter wheels and front-wheel drive make it a bicycle designed for the urban environment. Even so, the good grip of the mixed tires and the technology of its engine will allow you to overcome slopes on unpaved terrain without difficulty.

Personally, I think that the Qicycle combines everything you can ask for from a folding electric bike: robust, light, compactly folded so that it can be put in the trunk or in the subway. And finally, its small size and the power of the engine make it an agile bike and fun to ride.

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Himo V1 Plus

The Himo V1, a purely urban, compact and short-medium haul ebike with great success in China. The R&D team in this version has improved the range, braking and has mounted larger wheels to improve stability and damping. The Himo v1 is still on the market, but taking these changes into account, the new Himo V1 Plus seems a much better option.

Main features:

  • 25 km / h top speed
  • Robust frame for a maximum payload of 100kg.
  • Throttle and pedal assist modes.
  • Autonomy of 30 km in accelerator mode, 60 in assisted pedaling.
  • Mechanical disc brakes: braking in 4-6 meters.
  • 14-inch city tires.
  • Handlebar and folding pedals.
  • Weight of 18.5 kg.
  • Multifunction display.
  • Height adjustable saddle up to 185 cm.
  • Integrated front and rear LED light.
  • IP54 certified water resistance.

This new Xiaomi electric bike is a good option if you are looking for a small bicycle and you will not need to fold it. It does allow the handlebars and pedals to be articulated in such a way that no part protrudes and thus takes up less space in the hallway at home or in the storage room. You will also have no problem putting her in an elevator.

In addition to the rigidity of the frame, another point in favor of safety is the integral lighting system . The dual-LED headlight illuminates really well, and the taillight also activates when braking, even when the engine is off.

It has a range of 20-30 km , so it is designed for medium-short distance urban routes. Another detail to take into account is that it incorporates a discreet bag with the charger to recharge the battery in any situation.

In short, an agile city bike, comfortable to ride and robust , which makes it perfect for enduring intensive daily use. It is intended to be used mainly in electric mode, that is, without giving pedals . And for its price, it is clear that nobody gives so much for so little.

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Himo C20

The Himo C20 electric bike is shown to us as a sports-style urban bicycle, fully equipped for medium-long journeys . The 20-inch tires, which are wider than normal, have very good grip and provide a very comfortable riding feel even on bumpy roads .

Main Featrues

    • Maximum speed: 25 km / h
    • Assisted pedaling mode and 2 purely electric modes with accelerator.
    • Autonomy: 80 km in assisted pedaling and 50 km in electric mode.
    • Rigid, high-quality aluminum frame with a maximum load of 100 kg.
    • 20-inch wide wheels.
    • Excessive weight for a compact bike: 20.3 kg.
    • Shimano 6 speed transmission.
    • Mechanical disc brakes.
    • Multifunction display.
    • Handlebar and folding pedals.
    • 250W motor.
    • Adjustable saddle height up to 175 cm.

It is a bicycle-moped that allows you to go in pedaling assistance mode, or in purely electric mode, with an accelerator and without the need for pedals . A good option to go to work by bicycle, since on the way out you can go without pedaling and arrive at the office fresh as a lettuce. Back home you can do some more exercise.

The Xiaomi Himo C20 can boast of battery. In fully electric mode it has a range of 50 km, and you can go assisted pedaling up to 80 km . It will be difficult to make such long city trips.

The C20 emits a continuous beep when exceeding 15 km / h. It is quite annoying and people may think that you are stealing the bike, so it is advisable to override the system. It’s not difficult but you will have to do a bit of DIY to disconnect the speaker.

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Final Conclusion

It has become clear to us that each one is for a specific audience. We are going to put a little order to the characteristics of each one to help you in choosing yours.

If you want an agile city bike that is comfortable to ride and can withstand intensive daily use , the Himo v1 Plus is for you. It is intended to be used mainly in electric mode, that is, without giving pedals. If you have a sports spirit and are looking for an urban bike that also accompanies you on trails and roads, the Xiaomi Himo C20. For those who want a bike with the best features and like technology, it is worth spending a little more and choosing the Xiaomi Mi Qicycle EF1. Nor will you have problems when carrying it and transporting it folded in another means of transport.

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