Buy Proscenic P8 MAX 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner For Just $122.99 (Coupon Deal)

The Proscenic P8 Max is an excellent, very light stick vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, a lithium-ion battery and an electrically powered brush. It is supplied with two exchangeable rollers for hard floors and carpets. In addition, the charger, a wall bracket, a crevice and upholstery nozzle are included in the scope of delivery. The suction power of the Proscenic P8 Max is very high thanks to the electrically driven floor brush (approx. 20,000 Pa). It has two different suction levels (Eco and Boost), which can be set directly via a button without changing the handle. Despite the rather large battery with 2,200mAh and the associated runtime of max. 32 minutes (Eco mode; Boost mode lasts 14 minutes), the P8 Max is very light compared to the Dyson V series vacuum cleaners.

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The Proscenic P8 Max cordless vacuum cleaner uses the brushless motor, the rotation speed can reach up to 75000 rpm, produces a suction power of up to 15,000 Pa, effortlessly sucks up larger dust, hair and crumbs. 2200mAh high-performance lithium-ion battery provides up to 35 minutes of operation, can clean the whole house without recharging. Two levels of suction power easily switch between normal mode and strong mode. Normal mode: to use to collect waste such as animal hair, dust; Strong mode: to be applied to vacuum grain/rice grains and remove hair from carpets and hard floors. The Proscenic P8 Max vacuum cleaner has a deeper cleaning, thanks to the design of the multi-layered filter system. Because the components can filter out small dust while precluding larger waste, so foreclosing creates a good suction state.

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Proscenic P8 MAX 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with motorized rollers to deeply clean carpets, remove hair and fine dust and to ensure you and your children have a safer and healthier environment. It can also use to clean large areas; such as under the sofa, on the floors, under the bed, etc. Ideal for cleaning narrow areas and difficult places such as the corners of sofas, cushions and beds; includes a bristle head for better cleaning. You can clean in small places like corners and bookshelves. Detachable and lightweight, long-lasting lithium-ion battery, easy to remove and install. If you have a spare battery, you can replace the battery inside the vacuum cleaner; once the one you are using is exhausted; to clean longer without interruption. The backup battery is available and can purchase separately.

Proscenic P8 MAX 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with Easy emptying of the dust container by pressing only one button is very hygienic; The wall mount allows you to hang the vacuum cleaner wirelessly on the wall, takes up less space. With versatile accessories, you can easily clean bookshelves, sofas, car seats, curtains and other hard to reach places; meet your different needs. The accessories or brushes can change quickly with a simple click. The fit of the individual brushes is excellent, which normally use from Far East products. What excited me is that the electrically powered brush is illuminated with LEDs at the front. If you vacuum in dark corners or under furniture, you can see objects more easily.

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Coupon Code: PROSCP8
Buy From Belgium Warehouse

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