BlitzWolf BW-SH2 4L Smart Air Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Offered for $40.99(Coupon)

BW-SH2 is a modern device that ensures a healthy level of moisture in your home. Thanks to it, you will effectively fight the problem of dry air, and the built-in lamp will give your rooms a climate. The humidifier has the ability to connect to an application on your smartphone, so you can turn on the device even when you are not at home. The device is equipped with a four-liter water tank. The device is equipped with RGB backlight, which allows the user to choose one of seven colors. Essential oils can be used as a humidifier to improve the smell in the home.

Price without coupon: $41.99
Coupon Code 1($40.99): BGBWSH2CZ

Humidifier charged with functions

BlitzWolf BW-SH2 offers intelligent remote control via a smartphone thanks to its own application. The available functions include several modes for regulating the amount of steam, sleep mode, changing the color scale, or switching the humidifier itself on or off.

The large 4L tank ensures comfortable use and the absence of frequent water changes. The dosage of steam can also be regulated on the humidifier itself, while it is possible to supply any essential oil for a better scent effect.

The ultrasonic 360-degree dispenser perfectly distributes steam around the room, and thanks to its quiet operation it is not even audible. At night, it is possible to set the sleep mode , which will reduce the noise of the humidifier below 38 dB and thus ensure undisturbed sleep.

Thanks to its simple design, the BlitzWolf BW-SH2 humidifier can be quickly disassembled, cleaned or refilled with water. The compact dimensions of 192 x 192 x 266 mm do not take up much space on the table and you will not even feel it when carrying it thanks to the weight of only 1 kg.

The lowest price in CZ stock at all

BlitzWolf BW-SH2 is available from a reputable international Banggood dealer at a great price. Currently, this is a record low price with a coupon. This product will be delivered to you directly from the CZ warehouse, while shipping is completely free. The package will be delivered to you without additional fees within 3 – 5 working days from its dispatch from the warehouse. This should take place within 24 hours of ordering the goods.

Price without coupon: $41.99
Coupon Code 1($40.99): BGBWSH2CZ

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