Xiaomi HIMO C26 bicycle (Electric) now available for just $1199.99

Xiaomi is becoming expert in every sector whether it is Smartphone industry or household product industry. Now, xiaomi is working on electric bicycles and one of them is Xiaomi HIMO C26 E-bike which is launched recently in market. Today, company is giving a flat twenty percent discount for 12 days and price has been reduced to $1199 from $1500 on red colour of bicycle. You can order 2 maximum bicycles at per single order.

Features of Xiaomi HIMO C26 bicycle:

Let’s start with the battery capacity: bicycle comes with 10AH of ternary LI-ion battery with 6 hours standby mode. Nextly, you can get top speed of 25km per hours. Himo C26 has maximum mileage of 100kms on a particular mode which is worthwhile.

Xiaomi HIMO C26


Bike has 26 inches pneumatic tires and these tyres are able to run on every kind of surface. Most interestingly, Himo C26 has adjustable height mode so, you can adjust height of saddles and sandbars according to your body size. There are 3 different modes of travelling which are pedal mode, moped mode, pure electric mode.

Xiaomi HIMO C26 bicycle Different modes:

Let’s talk about the thing that why should you buy the HIMO C26 bicycle. With no hassle you can change the 3 modes of bike by pressing the button. Moving further, you will get spoke alloys which are made of aluminium and good for long run. The himo C26 has fork shock absorption and jianda 26*125 tires.

HIMO C26 bicycle


Both tires comes with disk brakes to ensure that bike should stop in fraction of time from top speed. The bike can carry weight up to 99kgs. Life expectancy of the battery is 650 long rides or 650 cycles and it is more than enough for ordinary person.

HIMO C26 bicycle

Xiaomi HIMO C26 Battery:

48volts of battery power ups the motor of 250 watts. Battery is fully removable and when battery gets exhausted then you can pedal the bike. Bike has weight of 25 kg and total packaging weights about 32kg. Himo C26 might be the best bike in this price point. Even, the design of the bike looks so much sturdy and the body is quite rigid.  AS I earlier said that xiaomi is running a sale of flat twenty percent off on red bike. So grab the chance of big discount and promote green energy or green fuel.

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