Buy Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Just $316.99 (Coupon Deal)

The new Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with several upgrades including more powerful suction and mopping function. The cleaning robot emerged again from Xiaomi’s sales and crowdfunding platform Youpin. The Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM vacuum cleaner features an upgraded laser with a range of up to 8 meters.

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The Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM Robot Vacuum Cleaner is also equipped with an intelligent precision electronic control water tank and a micro-controlled water pump that features 3-gear accurate control of water output and anti-clogging. In addition, it can sense the state of water output and smartly control the water output via chip to avoid water leakage. Thanks to the artificial intelligence it can smartly partition rooms via recognizing the door to achieve dynamic intelligent path planning for a more efficient cleaning procedure.

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After the first cleaning, the Mijia Robot Vacuum 2-in-1 mopping cleaner will also intelligently identify rooms and automatically partition and save them. You can merge, divide, and name different rooms on the map. In terms of battery life, the Mijia STYJ02YM Robot offers up to 110 minutes of cleaning time, with which it can finish cleaning an area of 180 square meters. When it has low power, it will automatically go back to the charging dock to recharge.

Like its predecessor, the vacuum cleaning robot comes with the main brush head and a corner brush on the underside; and all individual parts and accessories are compatible; with those of the other Xiaomi or Roborock models. This means that you can apply your purchased accessory packages directly to the new model and don’t have to buy new ones. The suction robot is controlled directly from your smartphone via the Mi Home app from Xiaomi. The app is available for Android OS and iOS in Chinese, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Polish language. You can also select the time when you do not want the robot to clean up your home.

The Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM Robot vacuum cleaner has also a mopping function with an extra mop with a water tank. So you can sit back and relax on your sofa after work or on the weekend; because the housework has already been done by your very own cleaning robot. Thanks to a variety of sensors, e.g. cliff sensor, wall sensor, and infrared sensor; the vacuum robot can easily navigate through your home or office.

You can find this amazing Xiaomi Mijia STYJ02YM Robot Vacuum Cleaner in the at a price of $316.99 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: STYJ02YM1
Buy From Any Warehouse at $316.99

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