NINETYGO Carry-On Luggage In 4 Sizes Starting From ONLY $59.99

NINETYGO carry-on luggage is your light-weight travel partner. The carry-on luggage is offered in four different sizes;  20”, 21”, 24” and 28” to make sure your travel needs are met. Not only that, the suitcase is extremely durable. It ensures the safety of your belongings with the help of its TSA approved locking mechanism and the smooth mobility thanks to its TPE silent 360° roller wheels. Its made from high-quality polycarbonate material. The PC material makes it extremely durable. The carry-on luggage is built for true gallivanters, In other words, fulfill your wanderlust with NINETYGO carry-on luggage.

Light-Weight and Long Lasting

The carry-on is very light-weight. For instance, it weighs only 7.3 lbs or 3.3 kg. Besides that, It made from the German grade material that allows it to be extremely durable and long-lasting. Not only that, Its honeycomb surface makes the carry-on more wear-resistant. To put it another way, you don’t have to worry about the carless air-port personnel tossing and damaging your suitcase while loading and unloading.

NINETYGO Carry-On Luggage durable


The Mobility of NINETYGO Carry-On Luggage

The TPE 360° roller wheels ensure the smooth mobility of the carry-on luggage. In other words, The roller wheels are capable of moving in all directions. That is to say, the TPE 360° roller wheels make it possible for it to roll smoothly no matter what kind of surface they’re on, concrete or tile.

NINETYGO Carry-On Luggage

The Locking Mechanism

The TSA standard locking mechanism and the high-quality and sturdy, double head zipper ensure the safety of your luggage. Additionally, It makes it easier for airport security to inspect your luggage while traveling. Overall the locking mechanism is extremely sturdy and it allows you to travel anywhere with peace of mind.

NINETYGO carry-on luggage LOCKING


NINETYGO’s Compartments & Design

The interior design of the carry on luggage allows you to store your luggage in a very organized manner. Its storage compartments allow you to stash sizable luggage without any hassle. Besides that, It comes with mesh zip compartments which allow you to travel in a more arranged and well-ordered way. In other words, you can stash your phone charger or any small items or accessories in any of the carry-on luggage’s mesh zip compartments. The inside pockets provide more convenience in its use.



Size and Capacity

NINETYGO carry-on luggage comes in four sizes for you to choose from, 20”, 21” and  24”:

  • The capacity of the 20” carry-on luggage, which comes in the dimensions and capacity of 21.4 x 15.4 x 8.5 inch or 54.5 x 39 x 21.5 cm and 7.3 lbs or 3.3kg.
  • The 21″ carry-on luggage with the dimensions of 22.8 x 15.4 x 10.6 inch or 58 x 39 x 27cm allows you to travel with a maximum capacity of around 7.9 lbs or 3.5kg.
  • Additionally, The 24″ carry-on luggage with the dimensions of 25.4 x 18.1 x 10 inch or 64.5 x 46 x 25.5cm allows you to travel with a maximum capacity of around 65lb or 30kg.
  • The largest of them all 28″ that comes in the dimensions of 30.5 x 20.3 x 11.4 inch or 77.5 x 51.5 x 29cm is designed for the folks who like to travel heavy allows them to travel with the maximum capacity of up to 100lb or 45kg.

NINETYGO Carry-On Luggage sizes

Sturdy Handle

The experts at NINETYGO have designed the handle of the carry-on luggage while keeping two important factors in mind; height and sturdiness. The handle is extremely well built by the durable material, Besides that, the telescoping handle can be set on at 4 different spots to assist the folks with different heights.

NINETYGO carry-on luggage handle


Buy your NINETYGO Carry-On Luggage 20-inch at ONLY $59.99, 21-inch at ONLY $69.99, 24-inch at ONLY $89.99, and 28 inch ONLY $109.99 on Amazon.

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