Xiaomi AX3600 Vs AX1800 AIoT Router Comparison: Should You Upgrade?

Today’s discussion is going to be lucrative and full of excitement. If you love to enjoy wireless internet services through routers, this is the article for you. In this post, we would like to compare Xiaomi AX3600 vs AX1800 AIoT WIFI 6 routers by going through each corner. So, keep intact with the piece to discover relevant facts.

The Chinese brand Xiaomi has a drastic influence over the technology market globally. It keeps on forwarding its portfolio with frequent launches each month. There is a lot to mention about the company’s prudent behaviour and willingness to serve users with affordably-priced products. But today, we have the sole intention to unravel and compare two high-performance WIFI AIoT routers in this post.

Around three months back in February, Xiaomi received appreciation from around the globe when it launched the Xiaomi AIoT AX3600 router. It was the brand’s first-ever network device based on the upgraded WIFI 6 network technology. Further, it comes with 7 external antennas to represent different frequencies.

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Xiaomi AX3600 hands on

In terms of other qualities, Xiaomi’s AX3600 router packs 256MB of internal storage alongside the 512MP RAM. The dual-band WIFI algorithm can attain the maximum transmission rate of 1000 Mbps, while the security patches include WPA2-PSK and WPA-PSK etc.

Now, the company has again come to the limelight with the introduction of the second WIFI 6-based AIoT router. It is the brand-new Xiaomi Mi AX1800 router that comes with the totally different physical structure and improved technicalities. The tower-shaped design intends to compete against similar equipment by Asus, Netgear and some others.

This is not our desired way to elaborate on these two well-qualified internet providers. Let’s proceed to the next section to explore differences between Xiaomi AX3600 and Xiaomi AX1800 WIFI routers. So, are you ready?

Xiaomi AX1800 Vs Xiaomi AX3600: What are the differences?

Design and Build

Let’s contain the difference between the first impression. It is a cinch job to recognize any of the routers. Physically, the duo is in absolute contradiction with different physical attributions around.

The Xiaomi AX3600 router offers comparatively larger design than that of previous WIFI 5 routers. Further, it has sleek and ergonomic stature to look marvelous and astounding. You will see 7 external antennas that ensure stronger signal coverage.

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Xiaomi AX3600 price

On the front side, there is an LED light to indicate the operation and connectivity status. Additionally, the device equips six high-performing signal amplifiers. You will have two connectivity options – USB and wireless. The black-coloured router weighs around 1.5kg.

On the opposite camp, the latest Xiaomi AX1800 router ignores the horizontal physique of the competitor and brings vertical cool black cube design. It has a hidden dual-band antenna, unlike the AX3600, which offer 3600 robust signal coverage.

Xiaomi AX1800

Further, the super large metal heat sink ensures stable functionality. The new device also provides a regular black colour choice, and it measures 97 x 97 x 222 mm.


Performance-wise, both Xiaomi AX3600 vs Xiaomi AX1800 regulates a fantastic work with high-profile hardware and software protocols. If we analyze the newest AX1800 WIFI 6 AIoT router, it has the Qualcomm IPQ6000 quad-core processor chip. It concludes 1.2 GHz Cortex A53 CPU as well as 1.5GHz NPU modules.

Furthermore, the AX1800 AIoT router covers upgraded OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Multiple Access) and MU-MIMO technologies. Hence, it ensures to deliver efficient and stable performance. The OFDMA prospect allows multiple terminal devices to send data via a single transmission to reduce network latency by up to 66 percent. It also captures heat sink for thermal management.

Xiaomi AX3600 best price

In the Xiaomi AX3600 router wing, it accumulates the IPQ8071A quad-core chipset with Cortex A53 1GHz CPU and dual-core 1.7GHz NPU unit. Like the latest equipment, it also features OFDMA + MU-MIMO technology for even and uninterrupted signal distribution.

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The MU-MIMO helps multiple antennas to serve multiple connectors simultaneously without slowing down the data transmission speeds.

Xiaomi AX1800 Vs Xiaomi AX3600 Connectivity

When it comes to the connectivity area, the whole story revolves around the WIFI 6 algorithm. The WIFI 6 (802.11ax) is the latest generation of WIFI technology with noteworthy improvement in signal coverage, transmission rate, data delay against the WIFI 5 (802.11ac). Both Xiaomi AX3600 and AX1800 have the latest connectivity portal.

Mi router 2020

The WIFI 6 works spectacularly when we need to connect multiple devices at the same time. It keeps the speed intact and ensures smoother and rapid data transmission. The latest development uses four Qorvo independent signal amplifiers to ensure wider and stable signal coverage.

Best wifi 6 Router

In terms of connected devices, the Xiaomi AX3600 allows you to connect 248 devices, whereas the new Xiaomi AX1800 can connect 128 devices simultaneously. The Xiaomi Mi App also provides a provision to quickly detect smart Xiaomi products at home.

Xiaomi AX1800 Vs Xiaomi AX3600: Additional Specifications

Let’s have a look at some other hardware configurations of both routers. The AX3600 utilizes 256MB in the ROM and 512MB in the RAM slot. But the opposition party has smaller 128MB in the ROM and 256MB in the RAM unit.

Best Mi wifi 6 Router
Xiaomi AX1800 wifi 6 router

The dual-band WIFI 6 on the AX1800 delivers up to 1775 Mbps speed. It is up to 52% higher than that of traditional AC2100 router. On the other hand, you will enjoy 2976 Mbps speed with the AX3600 AIoT router.

Security provisions are another prominent concept of wireless network devices. Therefore, both Xiaomi WIFI 6 routers publish stunning security features to prevent unauthorized access.

The Xiaomi AX3600 router has the latest generation WIFI security status with the WPA3, a more mature identity authentication algorithm. It provides an unlockable guard to break the network data key with any application. Similar is the case with the newly-introduced Xiaomi AX1800 WIFI 6 router. It also covers strict security patterns to make your worry-free regarding the unwanted intrusion.

Price and Availability

Well, the Xiaomi AX3600 WIFI 6 router is flashing on Gearbest with the $129.99 price tag after 33% off.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi AX1800 AIoT is priced at 329 Yuan. But customers can buy the device at only Yuan 299 through a presale on Sales will commence from May 15.


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