4 Practical Ways to Back Up Files from Xiaomi Phones to Windows Laptop

Summary: This is a step-by-step Xiaomi data backup guide, showing you 4 feasible ways to back up files from Xiaomi phones to Windows laptops. Want to keep your Xiaomi files safe? Just come and get these practical solutions.

Before going further, think about this: do you afraid of losing files from your Xiaomi phone for some unexpected accident, like mistaken deletion? And have you backed up your Xiaomi phone yet? What should you do if you really get your files lost? Now, you must be aware enough of how important a backup is.

With a backup that contains your lost files, your lost files are not really gone if it really happens. Because you can always restore them from a backup any minute. However, how to make a backup for Xiaomi phone exactly? And how do you back up files from the Xiaomi phone to Windows laptop for safety?

Just take it easy. This post will show several ways on how to back up Mi phone to PC for your reference. Let’s see.

Method 1. Back Up Xiaomi Data to Windows Laptop with Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud Backup is one of the most useful features for the Xiaomi, which provides a free cloud service for its users. It helps users to automatically sync Xiaomi data to the cloud and restore it when needed.

Though, it is worth noting that there is only 5GB storage space on the Mi Cloud for free. It can’t store much data for your phone. If you want to back up more data, you have to buy more space on your Mi Cloud account. Importantly, it might not be easy to transfer your files to another phone with a different phone brand. Anyway, this is a way to back up your Xiaomi phone.

Heres how to back up Xiaomi phone to Windows Laptop with Mi Cloud:

  1. Unlock your Xiaomi device, and go to “Settings”> “Accounts”.
  2. Tap on the “Mi Account”. If you have not logged in to it, please do so beforehand.
  3. Find the BACKUP AND RESTORE section, and tap on the “Back up device”.
  4. Find the “Mi Cloud backup” feature and turn it on.
  5. Now, please log in to your Mi account on your Windows laptop by visiting
  6. Browse the files you’ve synced from your Xiaomi device, and download the items you need.

back up files from xiaomi with mi cloud

After you enabled the Mi Cloud backup feature on your device, once your Xiaomi device is connected to WLAN, your files will be synced to Mi Cloud. So, you can easily access and download the files you’ve backed up from your Xiaomi device on your Windows laptop anytime. Some files can be synced to Mi Cloud, such as the contacts, photos, messages, wallpapers, apps (app data excluded), etc.

By the way, if you want to restore your files from Mi Cloud backup, simply go to “Settings” > “Accounts” > “Mi Account” > “Mi Cloud” > “Restore from Backup” on your phone. This will restore data onto your Xiaomi phone.

Method 2. Back Up Xiaomi Phone to Windows Laptop with Android Backup Manager

Android Backup Manager is one of the trustworthy and professional data backup and restore programs for Android devices, so Xiaomi phones can also work well with it. It helps to back up files from Xiaomi phones to Windows laptop locally without any limitation of storage space, unlike the Mi Cloud. Also, it enables users to restore the data from Windows laptop to any Android device without any limitation of the Android brand, unlike the previous one.

Importantly, it supports many more types of files to back up and restore, helping users to keep more important files as safe as possible. Not only the contacts, photos, and messages, but also the videos, music, call logs, documents, apps are supported. Also, it is 100% malware-free guaranteed.

The backup file is safer in some cases, for it won’t be affected by the forgotten account password or unstable Wi-Fi network. It’s free to back up your Xiaomi phone with it, though it also needs to be paid for restoring the backup. Anyway, still, it is a good choice to have your Xiaomi phone backed up to a Windows laptop, either a Windows 10 or a Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

Heres how to back up Xiaomi to Windows laptop with Android Backup Manager:

  1. Click on the “Android Backup & Restore”tab when you open it.
  2. Plug your Xiaomi device to your Windows laptop with a USB cable or Wi-Fi network.
  3. Enable USB debugging on your device and follow the prompts to establish the connection.
  4. Click on the “Backup”button and choose the items you want to back up.
  5. Hit on the “Back Up”

back up files from xiaomi with android backup manager

Before long, your selected data will be exported to your Windows laptop as a backup. You can easily restore the data from your computer to any Android phone at any time.

Just in case you need it, here’s the way to restore the data to your device:

  1. Have your device connected as prompted.
  2. Click on the “Restore”button instead.
  3. Choose a backup and the contents you want to restore.
  4. Hit on the “Restore”

restore files to xiaomi from backup

Notes: If you want to clear the data on your device before restoration, simply check the box of “Clear data before restoring” option before you click the “Restore” button.

Method 3. Back Up Mi Phones to Windows Laptop with Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite is a desktop application developed for Xiaomi smartphones, helping users to back up and recover data on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. So you can use it to transfer files from Xiaomi phones to Windows laptop, and vice versa.

Similarly, it supports transferring contacts, notes, photos, videos, apps, and music from your Xiaomi phone to the computer, which is less than the previous program but still useful to some extent. However, it is not friendly enough if you want to transfer files from Xiaomi to other phones with different phone brands.

Anyway, let’s get back on track, and back up Xiaomi phones to Windows laptop via Mi PC Suite now. Here’s how:

  1. Install and launch the Mi PC Suite on your Windows laptop.
  2. Connect your Xiaomi phone to the laptop with a USB cable, and grant your computer to access to extract data with the file transfer mode.
  3. Then the app might automatically recognize your device, and show the main interface.
  4. Here you can see what it can back up, and simply click on the “Backups”button to transfer files from the Xiaomi device to the Windows laptop immediately.

back up files from xiaomi with mi pc suit

Want to restore your data sometime? Check the steps if needed:

  1. Simply have your device connected to the Mi PC Suite again.
  2. Then click on the “Recovery” button instead.
  3. Choose a backup you want to restore.
  4. Confirm it to restore it to the connected phone.

Method 4. Back Up Xiaomi Device to Windows Laptop via Local Backup App

You may be not clear that you can also use the local backup function to back up data from Xiaomi phones to your Windows laptop. After you backed up your Xiaomi phone data using the Backup feature, you can copy the backup file folder to your computer manually.

However, this way can only back up the system settings, contacts, applications, and data on your device. If needed, here are the steps:

  1. Unlock your Xiaomi device, and open the “Settings”
  2. Navigate to “Additional settings”> “Backup & reset” > “Local backups” > “Back up”.
  3. Now, please preview and choose the items that you want to back up.
  4. Tap on the “Back up”button to get the Xiaomi file backup started, and wait till it completes.
  5. Once the backup is finished, you can go to MIUI\backup\All Backup\directoryto find the backup fold named with [Date_Time].
  6. Get your Xiaomi phone connected to your Windows laptop with a USB cable, then transfer the backup folder to your laptop.

back up files from xiaomi with local backup app

So, that’s how you back up your Xiaomi phone data to your Windows laptop using the local Backup app. If you also want to know how to restore the data with the local Backup app, here’s how:

  1. Have your Xiaomi phone connected to your Windows laptop with a USB cable.
  2. On your laptop, copy the backup folder named [Date_Time] to MIUI\backup\All Backup\directory on either the phone internal storage or SD card.
  3. On your phone, go to “Additional settings”> “Backup & reset” > “Local backups”.
  4. Here from the backup list, you should see the backup file you’ve copied.
  5. Select it, and follow the prompts to restore your data.

Last Words

Basically, there are mainly two methods to back up files from Xiaomi phones, that is, backing up to either the local storage or the cloud storage. The mentioned above Mi Cloud is to back up Xiaomi phone to Windows laptop using the cloud service, while the Android Backup Manager and Mi PC Suite is to back up Xiaomi data to Windows laptop locally.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose whichever one for backup. However, some think that backing up phone data to the local storage is much more secure without limiting the storage space, comparing with backing up to the cloud. Some think that the cloud service is more convenient to access from different phones. What do you think?

So, have you backed up your files from Xiaomi phones or not? Yes? Good. No? Just get your favorite one to get started now. If you have any questions, you are welcome to leave a message to let us know.

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