Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition for $419.99 (20% Discount)

Travelling remains an active component of everyone especially the youth. Youth mostly live an active life and generally likes to travel with their entertainment devices. So, Xiaomi has understood this very well and taken good care to design the Xiaomi Mijia  Projector youth edition that is easier for anyone to carry it on the go!  It is shaped like a standing big Oxford Dictionary with 150mm height, 115mm width, and 1.3kg weight, covered in an off-white casing. The fabric front has a big projection lens and a small lens used for auto-focus.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition on the link below:

At the backside, the manufacturers have provided a great set of ventilation holes at the top portion. Also, right at the bottom, there are some useful interface ports (power connector, a headphone jack, a USB port, and a HDMI port). So, a user can take advantage of connecting other gadgets with the Xiaomi Mijia Youth edition projection device using such ports.

Xiaomi Mijia Projector runs with a 1920 × 1080 full HD resolution and is highly compatible with 4K resolution playback.  The brightness is increased by over 20% due to the four-channel LED RGB + BP and this improves the picture clarity. The innate HDR10 high dynamic range video decoding is used to improve the picture details and quality.

The projector uses the Amlogic T968-H processor. This is a high-performance TV-grade chip used in the Mijia laser projector and Xiaomi TV 4 and is superior to ordinary projection chips in system performance and image processing. This prevents stuttering and offers comfortable viewing especially when watching a two-frequency movie.

It comes with excellent features such as intelligent cooling system, Dolby sound with acoustic expert tuning customization, 2.4G / 5G dual-band Wi-Fi, AI voice remote control, convenient operation, and what more?

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition on the link below:


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