Buy Tronsmart Sono 3.5mm Gaming Headset For Just $19.99 (Coupon Deal)

For PC/ Switch/ PS4/ Xbox One

The Tronsmart Sono Premium multi-platform headset meets the boldest expectations of gamers. Convenient premium headset for all gaming platforms. Tronsmart presented a new model of gaming headphones called Tronsmart SONO. These are bow-shaped headphones that are not “aggressive” from an aesthetic point of view with attractive or similar lights, but that focus on sound quality and comfort. The main focus of the headphones is the adjustable microphone that can be unpaired from the headphones.

Coupon Code: 4VQ2AW6K (CN) 4TCH51QK (DE) – 4VPGFCXN (Czech)
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The dream come true for any gamer will be Sono Premium gaming headphones that are designed to be fully immersed in the game. Thanks to the 50mm speaker, the headphones clearly reproduce both the quiet rustling and the spectacular explosions. Deep bass – a notable feature of audio devices from Tronsmart – is also pleasing in the Sono Premium model.

Designed for multi-platform use, Tronsmart Sono gaming headsets are compatible with any device from PC to Switch ™, PS4 ™, Xbox One ™, and smartphones. Includes an adapter that you will have no trouble connecting to any gaming platform. This allows you to not only enjoy virtual reality on the big screen at home but also to immerse yourself in the game on your phone for the long haul. The adjustable headband allows you to perfectly adapt your headset for maximum convenience. As buying Sono Premium means giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy your favourite games in the best possible conditions.

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The stylish ergonomic design of the Tronsmart Sono headphones and a good colour solution makes them an attractive accessory. A convenient flexible microphone lets you keep in touch with other players. Crystal clear chat provides a 50hz – 20000hz microphone frequency response. Note that the Sono Premium microphone is removable, allowing you to use PC gaming headphones; to listen to music or watch movies in any situation. You will be provided with clean sound and convenience. It comes with a cover made of foam for microphone storage. A flexible, sturdy 2-meter cord gives you plenty of freedom in front of the screen while playing.

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Coupon Code: 4VQ2AW6K (CN) 4TCH51QK (DE) – 4VPGFCXN (Czech)
Buy From CN Warehouse at $24.99 Buy From DE Warehouse at $21.99 Buy From Czech Warehouse at $19.99

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