Xiaomi Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit Now Available at $16.90

As a frequent traveler, exploring, traveling or simply want to pocket a kit that can help quickly deal with basic needs. The Huohou mini multi-function kit will be the most useful and safest, integrating up to 11 tools
1 – Pulling
2 – Ear hook
3 – Tweezer
4 – Screw
5 – Phone opening screw
6 – Box holder
7 – Nail file
8 – Big knife
9 – Cap for beer bottles, soft drinks
10 – Screwdrivers
11 – Key chain

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit Specs:

Trademark Huohou
Size 80 x 28 x 19mm
Mass 153g
Material 30Cr13 stainless steel

Advantages of the Huohou mini multi-tool kit

The Huohou Mini Multi-Tool Kit combines 10 functions in one toolkit with a variety of accessories. The 10 in 1 design isextremely versatile, allowing users to confidently handle any situation in any situation. In addition, the kit design is also convenient and extremely compact, the structure is sure to be very neat to store, suitable for pocket especially during long trips.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

Flexible design, detailed processing process

The Huohou Mini Multi-Tool Kit is a combination of tools such as scissors, knife, sim stick, screwdriver, box opener, bottle opener, tweezers, earwax removal, … in one body. With its useful structure, the device will help users easily handle all different situations, whether indoors or when traveling outdoors.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

In addition, the body is only 8cm in size, so it will be extremely compact, fit in the palm of your hand, users can easily store it in a pocket or backpack to accompany you in all different situations.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

49 parts with complex structure, going through 210 processes which are drawn, arranged and closely linked between different functions. All are precise, independent operation, supporting more flexibility in all user operations. Each part has its own hinge, so it is easy to open and close, ensuring user safety.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

Sturdy, high-quality materials

All Huohou multi-function repair tools are machined mainly from high quality 30Cr13 stainless steel with moderate hardness. The surface is treated through anode oxidation and molydene treatment for better resistance to wear over the long term. The screws and hinges are plated with titanium for high flexibility, good corrosion and rust resistance.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

Parts also undergo a special bleaching process at the pressure of 3 times the normal blanching method. The dimensional accuracy of the parts can be as high as micrometres, and the roughness of the workpiece surface is only 1/10 of that of conventional machining.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

Multifunctional design

Pull  with unique mechanical structure design, easy opening and closing and saving effort. With high sharpness, you can use scissors in all different situations such as paper cutting, fabric cutting, tree pruning, flower arranging, … with ease.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

Sim stick is integrated directly, avoiding loss, supporting use in all different situations, extremely useful.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

Sharp fruit knife , flexible cutting support for all different types of fruit, not rust, ensuring food safety.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

The box opener with a sharp blade makes it easy to open the box quickly and safely.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

Along with other useful functions such as screwdrivers, tweezers, ear pickers , bottle opener, nail files, … to fully meet the individual needs of all users.

Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit

Where to buy Huohou Mini Multi-Function Kit?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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