Buy ZLRC SG906 Pro Beast 4K RC Drone For Just $136.99 (Coupon Deal)

I had talked not long ago the ZLRC SG906, a great DRONE ECONOMIC sold just over $100 with one big flaw, the unstabilized camera that made it virtually unusable videos. Fortunately, ZLRC wanted to put a piece on this problem by launching the new PRO version on the market, let’s find out together! ZLRC SG906 Pro 4K Drone is the most completed drone in the market with the price tag under $150. ZLRC brand comes into the market with its SG906 Pro 4K Drone which is bound; to become the best 4K drone, worth buying in 2020.

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ZLRC SG906 Pro 4K Drone comes in two colours white or black. The package has almost everything you need, especially if you get the product with more than one battery. SG906 Pro seems very portable, materials look premium. The drone is available in 2 versions: one with 4K camera and another one with FullHD. Besides, ZLRC claims that the SG906 Pro drone can stabilize video by combining 2 modes: 1) mechanical model (adjusting the front optics on the vertical axis); 2) software mode (stabilizing the video digitally). The company has used the feature called ZLRC ULTRA-CLEAR which can guarantee optimal video quality.

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Same with MJX radio control, the SG906 Pro radio controller is situated; on display with the phone support system which was never found in other drones. This, in this way, when radio control is placed, the drone antennas act as support. They are 2 main features considered essential for a 2020 new quadcopter: high-performance brushless motor and folding arms. Since the best part of owning a drone is to take it anywhere with you and use it on any occasion (respecting the legal limits). Thanks to removable 2800mAh 2S battery SG906 Pro 4K drone can fly for up to 25 min. Since there are options with more with 2 or 3 batteries available, it is also possible to fly really long.

Considered as standard on quadcopters priced over $150, ZLRC SG906 Pro 4K Drone features GPS; which is coupled with Optical Flow. GPS allows the drone to keep its position in the air; enabling it to stand still as we use the remote control. Optical flow is a small optical sensor located on the drone belly, which helps the drone to maintain its position in case GPS is not available (for example indoors). Thanks to the combination of GPS and Optical Flow, ZLRC SG906 Pro 4K Drone keeps its position even in the most difficult conditions.

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Due GPS located on the back, SG906 Pro 4K drone you can fly in a WayPoint mode; (following a route that can be set by using a special smartphone App); and Orbit Mode (rotating 360° around a certain point; can be set in App). In addition, there is a video editor in-app, which can add background music to your videos. This is definitely a great bonus; which will be appreciated by those who want to share their small videos; immediately without doing additional editing on a computer.

You can find this amazing ZLRC SG906 Pro Beast 4K RC Drone in the at a price of $136.99 with an incredible discount.

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