Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier 2020 Launched: Now Available at $84.99

Friends in the north will usher in the cool autumn weather, which also means the arrival of dry air. Humidifier has become a must-have product in northern winter. However, ordinary ultrasonic humidifiers will produce a lot of mist. If there is an air purifier in the home, it will be mistaken for pm2.5, resulting in abnormal air cleaning, and pure natural evaporation humidifiers are king. However, these products are generally more expensive, and XIAOMI Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier, which is a recently launched cost-effective choice.

The XIAOMI Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier simulates the natural evaporation of water, first sprays the filter element and then evaporates the water to humidify the air, lasting and evenly moisturizing, dispersing indoor dryness, healthy and without water mist and impurities.

Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

XIAOMI Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Specifications:

Specification Brand: XIAOMI Mijia
Voltage: 220V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power: 8W
Humidification Capacity: 240mL/h
Water Tank Capacity: 2.2L
Noise: ?48dB
Dimension Product Weight: 2kg
Package Weight: 2.2kg
Product Size: 23.10 x 17.40 x 29.30 cm 

When XIAOMI Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier evaporates naturally, it can block the diffusion of impurities in the water. It can be purely humidified even with tap water. It is more suitable for pregnant women, babies, elderly and sensitive people who are sensitive to breathing. At the same time, avoid wet or white powder polluting wood furniture.

Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

Redesign the waterway and air duct system to form a double circulation inside and outside, continuously let the water evaporate into a humid air flow and send it out, so that the air is efficiently and lastingly fresh and moist.

Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

Research and develop a new type of circulating water pump structure, the automatic circulating pump water sprays onto the filter element during work, always maintains a full water absorption state, and continues to evaporate and humidify the air.

Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

There are as many as 240 air holes on the surface of the XIAOMI Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier body to take in the air at the same time to make the evaporation more efficient. Then the turbo fan sends out surging humid air to nourish the entire space.

Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

The XIAOMI Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier filter element is composed of high-density water-absorbing fibers, which helps to fully block impurities in the water when evaporating and humidifying, avoid spreading polluted air, and only release fresh and moist breath, which protects health.

After the constant humidity mode is turned on, the XIAOMI Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier automatically monitors the humidity and adjusts the amount of humidification. The default humidity is constant at 60%RH. It can also be set between 40%-70%RH through the Mijia APP. The human body and the home are moisturized without being overly humid.

Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

The water injection port is integrated into the fuselage, and tap water can be added directly from the top water injection port, which is easy and convenient, making water addition a small matter within reach.

The overall slim design makes it easy to put Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier down anywhere. The 2.2L capacity, humidification for up to 19 hours at a time, will accompany your work and life for a long time.

Optimized the air duct design, the working decibel is lowered, and the first gear is only 36dB, which brings moist air without disturbing sleep.

Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

Through the smart operation of the Mijia APP, you can also control the XIAOMI Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier outside, you can embrace the comfortable air when you go home, and you can check the indoor humidity at any time.

Where to buy Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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