Buy Proscenic 830P Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Just $179.99 (Coupon Deal)

Proscenic 830P is one of the most affordable robotic vacuum cleaners in Estonia, which in addition to suction can also perform wet washing. The robotic vacuum cleaner can clean homes up to 120 square meters. The ideal cleaning area is up to 80 m2. Proscenic 830P is a good bee, the best feature of which is the ability to keep your home clean, at a very reasonable price. The robot does not have the significant smart accessories that more expensive specimens have, but the multi-mode vacuuming and wet washing function is at the same level. The 830P can be controlled by both the application and the remote control. It has a smart motion tracker and compatibility with both Google Assistant and Alex.

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Proscenic 830P Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a 350ML water tank. This can reduce the frequency of pouring water into the tank. The separate dust container and water tank make the robot vacuum cleaner more professional when it comes to dry cleaning and mopping. Unique washing enhances the wet cleaning effect on the floor. The electronic water tank can control the water flow well and soak the mop with water evenly to wash floors without forming a puddle on the floor after one pass. The control of the water flow ensures the cleanliness of the floor and the safety during the charging of the appliance. The water flow is adjustable at 3 levels according to the different needs of the soil.

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With a 2500 mAh battery, the Proscenic 830P Robot Vacuum Cleaner can work for around 100 minutes. It’s no problem to do a cleaning session in a house. Proscenic 830P Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with a wireless and infrared tracking system, ARM9 chip, intelligent mapping technology and gyro navigation let the robot vacuum plan cleaning more meticulously. 830P Robot vacuum cleaner can be used with a magnetic strip, you can use it as virtual walls to prevent access to the places where you don’t want to clean, for example, the animal bowl, or a precious carpet or a part of a room.

The Proscenic 830P Robot Vacuum Cleaner can detect the carpet during cleaning. When it has arrived on the carpet, it automatically increases the suction power to suck up the dirt embedded in the carpet. This device has the functions of anti-tangling, vacuum detection, anti-collision and automatic recharging. He can climb a barrier with a height of less than 15mm and a slope of fewer than 25 degrees, and move freely around the house. All these features make cleaning more reassuring. Control with 830P robot vacuum cleaner can be performed on the phone APP, including water flow, cleaning mode, etc. On the APP, it is possible to watch in real-time the remaining battery level, the cleaning status, the cleaning surface, etc. The device is also able to connect with Alexa and controllable by voice.

You can find this amazing Proscenic 830P Robot Vacuum Cleaner in the at a price of $179.99 with an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: PROSC830P
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