8 Xiaomi smart home gadgets you might not know about

Xiaomi has become famous for the production of first-class smartphones at a fairly low price. However, in addition to Smartphones, the brand also produces smart home devices. Almost every one of them can be customized using the proprietary Mi app. In fact, Xiaomi smart gadgets have already created a global community that continues to grow. Today we will tell you about 8 Xiaomi smart home gadgets that you might not know about.

Mi Smart Home Kit

Xiaomi smart home gadgets

Mi Smart Home Kit is one of the most interesting Xiaomi smart home products. It includes a multifunctional gateway, door and window sensors, a motion sensor and a wireless switch. All 5 components included in the kit can be configured and controlled using the Mi Home app.

The multifunctional gateway acts as the main control unit connecting all smart home products. It has a built-in speaker and LED lighting that can serve as a night light. It can also be used as an alarm clock. The gateway comes with a plug that can be plugged into an outlet.

Door and window sensors can be used as alarms at night or when you are away from home. They can send notifications to a smartphone or tablet when unauthorized doors and windows are opened.

The motion sensor can be positioned anywhere, it notifies of an intrusion. With a proprietary app, it can be used to control other Xiaomi smart gadgets such as lighting, water purifier and alarm clock. It can also be programmed to control when to turn off the power and other gadgets.

The wireless switch is a customizable control button. You can customize actions for single, double, and press and hold. It can be used to turn on and off other Xiaomi gadgets connected to the Mi app.

Mi Bunny Children Smart Watch

This device combines two functions: a watch for children and a tracker for parents and guardians. It is possible to set a “safe” perimeter, and if the baby goes beyond it, adults will receive a notification on their smartphone. The Mi Bunny Smartwatch is available in blue and pink and accepts voice calls from 6 family members. They can also be used as SOS button, alarm clock and daily activity tracker.

Xiaomi smart home gadgets

Smart Dog Button Tag

Xiaomi makes smart gadgets not only for people, but also for their pets. The smart dog medallion can track the distance your pet has traveled and monitor the quality of his sleep. In fact, this is the Mi Band for dogs.

In addition, the device has a QR code that can be programmed to store data about the dog’s owner so that it can be easily contacted if the pet is lost. All settings are done using a smartphone.

Xiaomi smart home gadgets

In the application, you can find tips for maintaining the health of the animal depending on the breed, age and other parameters, as well as share its achievements with other users.

The configurable LED indicator makes it easy to find your pet when walking in the dark.

Another advantage of this collar is the battery, the charge of which is enough for about 4 months of work.

Xiaomi smart home gadgets

The company took the build quality of the device seriously: the case is protected from water according to the IP65 standard and is made of medical silicone, which means it is completely safe for a pet.

The medallion is compact, it weighs only 12 grams, so it does not cause any inconvenience to the dog. It is available in two colors.

iHealth Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

In collaboration with iHealth, Xiaomi has released a smart blood pressure monitor suitable for home use.

A smart blood pressure monitor is used in conjunction with a smartphone that serves as its display. Includes cuff and docking station for connecting to a smartphone.

Xiaomi smart home gadgets

The body is made of glossy white ABS plastic, thanks to which the device will retain its original appearance for a long time. At the bottom there are four rubberized feet, which ensure the stability of the device on any surface. There is one LED button on the front. If it glows red – the device needs to be charged, blinking red – indicates the battery is low, but measurements can still be made, green – indicates readiness for work, blinking green – indicates the charging process.

The cuff is made of wear-resistant material, it is printed with images that serve as instructions.

The measurement results are displayed in the application. If they do not correspond to the norm, the application will give advice on improving the performance.

Mi 8H Z1

Xiaomi smart home gadgets

Xiaomi also makes pillows. Mi 8H Pillow Z1 is made from environmentally friendly Malaysian natural latex (also called Evolon latex), thanks to which the pillow retains its original shape even after prolonged use. She has received an innovative structure that allows her to maintain the optimal position of the head, neck and spine in relation to each other in any sleeping position.

This multi-hole structure guarantees complete ventilation of the product.

The pillow also has an antibacterial coating to keep out ticks and bugs.

Mi water purifier 2

Xiaomi smart home gadgets

The Mi Water Purifier 2 is a compact kitchen appliance capable of producing up to 400 gallons of pure water. Its body is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic. The cleaning system includes 4 layers of filtration (two carbon filters and one each for cotton and reverse osmosis) and a separate storage tank that prevents stagnation and re-contamination.

It takes only one minute to clean one and a half liters of water.

There is an LED indicator on the front. If it glows blue, then the water meets the quality standards, if it is orange, it is necessary to change the filter or drain the stagnant water.

The water purifier supports real-time intelligent control. It can be connected to a smartphone via Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to install the proprietary Smart Home application. It allows you to view data on the quality of the water and the level of its treatment.

MiJia Induction Heating Rice Cooker 2

Xiaomi smart home gadgets

This 4L Xiaomi Rice Cooker is equipped with IH electromagnetic heating technology, which helps regulate the temperature and dissipate heat to cook the rice evenly.

The device can be connected to the Smart Home application to control the heating temperature, delayed start, setting notifications, as well as recording recipes. It comes preloaded with over 3,000 recipes and recommendations for making different rice options. But it can also be used as a multicooker.

There are four main ones (rice, quick rice, soup and heating) and four additional ones (baking (or frying), yogurt, steaming and heating rice).

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S

Xiaomi smart home gadgets

The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a smart home cleaning device that has 12 different sensors, 3 processors, SLAM algorithm and a laser distance sensor (LDS). All of these features allow the device to calculate the most efficient cleaning path. The result is a clean and shiny floor!

The vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging dock when its capacity falls below 20%. It can be synced with the Mi Home app. It allows you to remotely control the device, view the cleaning progress and charge level, and select the cleaning mode.

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