Fengmi 4K Pro Laser Projector 2400ANSI lumens Available at $2339.99

On the afternoon of May 25, Fengmi held the “Move the Cinema Home” FengOS strategy and new product launch conference. From there the manufacturer officially released the FengOS large-screen operating system and the first new laser TV equipped with FengOS Fengmi 4K Pro Projector Cinema and Fengmi Vogue Pro Projector .

Fengmi 4K Pro

Fengmi 4K Pro Highlights:

FengOS: The biggest highlight of FengOS is the use of a full-screen dynamic film background, which supports customized homepage content, which is the content when the screen is opened. To this end, Fengmi Technology has also created a brand new remote control for carrying FengOS devices.  Supporting one-touch direct function interfac!Fengmi 4K Pro

4K Pro Features:

In terms of new products, Fengmi 4K Pro Projector Cinema uses a new laser light source. The brightness is increased to 2400 ANSI lumens, and the resolution now reaches 4K level (the effect achieved when playing 4K sources). The official said that it can be viewed normally even during the day .

It uses 4K resolution, 4 times the resolution of 1080P, and 150-inch giant screen shows sharp and clear pictures. Using Amlogic high-performance chip T972, the highest frequency of 1.9GHz, compared with the previous generation projection chip T962 performance improvement of 63% while reducing power consumption by 55%, and the first to support 8K video decoding.

ALPD 3.0 laser

In addition, 4K Pro Projector Cinema also has built-in Guangfeng Technology ALPD 3.0 laser fluorescent display technology. As well as FAV picture quality engine and FAA sound engine to ensure a sound and picture experience. Fengmi 4K Pro


In terms of configuration, Fengmi 4K Pro Projector Cinema uses the new Amlogic T972 chip, 3GB DDR4 + 64GB eMMC storage combination, and supports HDR 10 decoding and Gigabit network.

Fengmi 4K Pro

At the same time, 3G DDR4 memory blessing, running game applications, watching high-definition video, guarantee a smooth experience throughout. Three HDMI 2.0b interfaces can be used to connect hard disk players, U disks, game consoles, computers, etc.

Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro User Interface:

According to the official, the performance of Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro is improved by 63% compared with the previous generation CPU chip, while the power consumption is reduced by 55%.

In terms of user Interface and content, Fengmi 4K Pro Projector no longer uses the MIUI TV system. However, it uses its own FengOS system, which supports customized homepage, full-screen content preview, intelligent voice recognition and other functions.

Where to buy Xiaomi Fengmi 4K Pro laser projector?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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