Buy Zhiyun Smooth XS Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone For Just $69.99 (Coupon Deal)

Zhiyun is a competitor to DJI in the production of gimbal products. If DJI comes with a new one, Zhiyun will definitely come with a more similar but cheaper version. Different this time, Zhiyun has launched a different product from DJI – it is unique and the selling price is also cheap. They have launched Zhiyun Smooth XS. This is a successor to the Zhiyun Smooth X that has resonated in recent times. The Zhiyun Smooth XS gimbal is basically a big opponent of the DJI OM 4 smartphone stabilizer.

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Buy Zhiyun Smooth XS Handheld Gimbal

The Smooth XS is even more compact and compact than the Smooth X when folded, especially this time Zhiyun reworked the gimbal’s setting mechanism to provide more convenience and faster operation. Now users just need to slide the gimbal’s shaft straight up to be able to use it quickly. In particular, Zhiyun has now designed the gimbal handle to be smaller, combined with embossed lines to help hold the gimbal with one hand better. The manufacturer this time has added many colour options such as pink, yellow and blue to increase the personality to target young users. In addition, the gimbal still has a 260mm lengthened body that enhances other shooting angles such as group shots. Smooth XS is upgraded by the manufacturer quite a lot in terms of features through its ZY Cami application.

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This gimbal still features gesture recognition, quickly switching from portrait to landscape photography, automatically tracking the subject and placing the subject in focus. In addition, SMART Mode in the application also has many recording effects, transition effects and other shooting and recording effects for users. Zhiyun Smooth XS is a gimbal all in one. This is because it also serves as a monopod and also a tripod at the same time. Like most of their products before, it can also be folded into smaller ones for easy storage and carrying anywhere. The weight of this product is also 246g with a rod in the middle built of aluminium material. It also has a Bluetooth button to further control.

The latest novelty in the world of automatic mobile gymnastics is the Zhiyun Smooth XS; which exploded into the market as a major opponent of the DJI OM 4. It is also possible to use a tripod at this manufacturer for the stabilizer surrounding the mobile phone. And the large hitting card of the Smooth XS is the built-in telescopic extension; which can be used to extend the device by about 26 centimetres. This is ideal for selfies or group shots. According to the manufacturer, the product supports a number of recording methods and does not even fit into the image of ultra-wide cameras.

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Coupon Code: 4RQJCN5P
Buy Zhiyun Smooth XS Handheld Gimbal

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