NEWYES WeatherPad all set to launch in the market : Go Paperless

As we all know our environment is deteriorating day by day with the constant use of objects made out by cutting the trees. Paper is one of those which is excessively used by the people and with the constant use of it somehow we are expecting the more loss of trees.

Environment Friendly

The company has come out with a new product Weather pad in continuation of the products that are environment-friendly in the drive to make the world paperless. They are surely taking a step forward towards their mission.

About NEWYES WeatherPad

The first question that will arise in your mind is, ” What is the Weather Pad?”. The LCD writing pad with a built-in thermometer and a hydrometer capable of monitoring and measuring the indoor temperature will tell in every 10 seconds if there is any environmental change.

The writing pad allows different people to be quick and easy with the recording of the metrics. WeatherPad also helps people to make certain types of notes on their special demands.

Families can set up the reminders, workmates can scribble their jot tips or kids can enjoy the drawing freely on this Kickstarter Weather Pad.

NEWYES Weatherpad

Uses of NEWYES WeatherPad

The Weather Pad is useful in both personal as well as in professional terms as for the people living in the strict humidity and temperature requirements have the best companion by their side. The users can make easy adjustments and also can edit the notes on the  Weather Pad.

It can be easily used in your living room, baby room, bedroom and also in the office wherever you find it comfortable and essential you can place it and make your life comfortable. In a professional manner, you can use the weather pad by wine cellars, greenhouses, warehouses or in pet breeding rooms.

Humidity sensor

NEWYES WeatherPad has benefits which can help you to understand the necessity of it in our new-age system. Humidity settings can be a big-time problem with dry and damp air in the residential houses. It provides alerts w dry and wet conditions throughout your house from time to time. This can help use the settings like a humidifier and dehumidifier accordingly to meet the needs of the house temperature.

As you will consider shifting to a new house. The Weather Pad will help you to understand the humidity and temperature will also help you to maintain the normal temperature of your house.

NEWYES Weatherpad

Moisture settings

Even the people with a certain amount of illness such as cough and cold can consider buying Weather Pad as the relief it will maintain the heat and moisture even in the situation with the permanent illness such as arthritis and tracheitis.

LCD Writing Pad

The LCD writing pad can help you to avoid paper and the family can leave messages for each other. As well as the essential notes that are required can be solved by Weather Pad.

You can get amazing information related to the company and the working on its various products through the link inserted below.

Here is the organisation making it effective to use the eco-friendly products and making it possible for us not only by the say but by the use, ” Save our mother earth”.

We are trying to make a global change by our innovative and eco-friendly products range which will help the future generation to survive on our mother earth peacefully.



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