Two Trees Sapphire Plus 3D Printer now available for just $449.99

3D printers are occupying the space gradually in the market, and more producers are now engaged in this domain.  Today, we will review the new Two Trees Sapphire Plus 3D printer, which is currently appearing for presale orders on the Chinese online store Gearbest. After the 23% discount, you can click the product for 449.99 USA dollars.

The Sapphire Plus 3D printer features an overall durable metal body to lead the future. Further, it follows the linear guide along with the core XY structure to ensure higher printing accuracy and speed.

Two Trees Sapphire Plus 3D

The front side places a 3.5” colour touchscreen to make the user interface interactive, smooth and friendly. With the 360W output power, wide temperature range, optimum printing size and the Windows/MAC compatibility, the Two Trees Sapphire Plus printer dares to compete with the high-class devices in the segment.

Two Trees Sapphire Plus 3D Features and Specifications

Design and Construction

Physically, the Sapphire Plus follows the metal body comprehensively to ensure durability and capable of facing serious abuse. The sheet metal physique features the linear guide plus core XY structure. It makes the printer more stable and faster using the two stationary stepper motors.

Two Trees Sapphire Plus 3D

Furthermore, the 3D printer equips a 3.5” colourful touchscreen to make the printing even easier, convenient and joyful. The nozzle diameter, hotbed size, and layer thickness are 0.4mm, 310x310mm and 0.1 to 0.4mm, respectively.

Integrated Drive Chip and OS Compatibility

Well, you will enjoy ultra-quiet and silent functionality because of the integrated TMC2208 dual-phase stepper motor drive chip and 256 subdivision.

Additionally, the printing machine is also fully compatible with the Windows. And MAC OS along with the support of external SD card for offline printing.

Two Trees Sapphire Plus 3D

Two Trees Sapphire Plus 3D Motor and Display

To accelerate the overall performance and accuracy, the 3D printer integrates the 360W power motor to lock up to 300 mm/s printing speed. It helps the thermal efficiency to attain 1000 C temperature quickly.

Two Trees Sapphire Plus 3D

The front side bears a 3.5” touchscreen with a large visual angle to make the printing status. And other parameter settings clear at a glance.

Other Technical Printing Specifications

Moreover, the Sapphire Plus 3D printer provides 300x300x350mm print size, allowing you to use different metals like PETG, PLA, ABS, filament and wooden etc.

Two Trees Sapphire Plus 3D

It comes with a single 0.4mm diameter nozzle, dual-printing (online and offline) methods, 0.0025mm Z-axis positioning accuracy, 0.01mm XY-axis positioning accuracy, 1000 mm/s machine speed, filament sensor, and some other technical prospects to generate exceptional printings at all.

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