Buy REDPAWZ RDZ-07 Electric Skateboard For Just $369.99 (Coupon Deal)

The REDPAWZ RDZ-07 Electric Skateboard combines the intensity of extreme sports with the classic thrill of skateboarding, offering the best power boarding experience there is! The electric skateboard is equipped with large threaded tires to ensure the best control and grip on almost any surface – even on the sand! REDPAWZ RDZ-07 Electric Skateboard is an electric skateboard that has two powerful 600W motors and a long-lasting 6600mAh battery, that ensures an endurance of 20km, with a maximum speed of 40km/h and a maximum load of 120Kg. It is also equipped with a remote controller with which you can set the driving conditions, speeds, and other settings.

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This REDPAWZ RDZ-07 Electric Skateboard offers three driving modes, with max. speed of 15, 25, and 40 km/h and is therefore suitable for all the users, even the less experienced. The REDPAWZ RDZ-07 is physically almost no different from an average skateboard. It is 30 centimeters wide and 97 centimeters long. However, the 6600mAh battery pack weighs up to 8.5 kilograms. Underneath the plywood, maple cover is the battery, which enables 2x300W motors to a maximum top speed of 40km / h.

The REDPAWZ RDZ-07 Electric Skateboard has a maximum load capacity of 120 kilograms and can lift us up to 20 degrees on its own. Control is via a handheld wireless remote control with a built-in 200mAh battery with a range of 8-10 meters. The distance that can be covered with an electric skateboard is, of course, weight-dependent, so we can do a maximum of 20-30 kilometers with it before having to recharge the REDPAWZ RDZ-07. We have an EBS electric brake system and the 95mm wheels are made of polyurethane (PU) that gives us a fairly long lifespan, inside hide 7.5 “cylinder bearings.

The REDPAWZ RDZ-07 skateboard assembles a longboard of 7 maple wood sheets cut by CNC, measures 97x30cm, and weighs 8 Kg. The 6.6AH 42V batteries according to the manufacturer have a range of up to 30 km and a charging time of about 4 hours from the minimum. At the motor level, we find a power of 2x300W with a maximum speed of 40 km/h with three different speeds to choose from and that is capable of climbing slopes of up to 20% of unevenness. The scooter comes with a 2.4GHz remote control to brake or accelerate, it has an internal rechargeable battery of 200mAh On the side of the table we have the power button and the power connector for the external charger.

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Coupon Code: GKB365S

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