ESWING ESM8 60V 20.8Ah Dual Motor Folding Electric Scooter offered for $949.99(coupon)

Are you obsessed with ELECTRIC SCOOTERS and would like to buy a really POWERFUL and ADVANCED one? In this case the new ESWING ESM8 could be the right choice for you, let’s find out together what it is!

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Price without coupon: $1189.98 On Banggood
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The ESM8 mounts a DUAL MOTOR by well- 3600W, able to push the scooter up to the maximum speed of, think, well 70 KILOMETERS HOURS , ensuring 70KM OF AUTONOMY with a single charge thanks to the BATTERY INCORPORATED, a generous size, equal to 20.8 AH 60V , among the most capacious in the category.

The battery so large allows you to have an EXAGGERATED PLATFORM, so wide that we can place our feet horizontally instead of vertically. The FRAME is also strengthened, being able to withstand up to 150KG of maximum load.

The 11-INCH WHEELS coupled with the floating SUSPENSION , the DOUBLE DISC BRAKE and the FRONT LED HEADLIGHT , give back a COMFORT without equal in the category, and braking is always decisive and safe. The Scooter can be folded on itself, can tackle slopes of about 45 degrees and is supplied with a handy REMOTE CONTROL to activate (and deactivate) the ANTITHEFT.

Where to buy The ESWING ESM8 Dual Motor Folding Electric Scooter

The ESWING ESM8 Dual Motor Folding Electric Scooter is available on Banggood for just $949.99


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