DANIU MIG-130 AC230V Wire Automatic Feed Welder Welding Machine offered for $259.99

With the mini electrolysis that we have presented to you many times, we took the first step in making you craftsmen. so lets level up, since instead of simple welding, we have an equally portable but much more capable welding, since here we are talking about MIG welding .

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What is MIG Welding? (GMAW)
For those of you who do not know what MIG is, it is a type of solder, which uses special wire spools for soldering, instead of the classic electrodes, which allows it to bond better and easier, while it can also perform soldering between metals. that simple gluing can not. The exterior of the device, along with the handle, is heat-resistant and ensured not to melt or warp while working, and resists wear and static build-up.

The DANIU MIG-130 is one such soldering iron, with output from 50-120A and 10 different soldering speeds, which allow you to glue from thin aluminum sheets to thick pieces of steel.This welding machine has a wide variety of applicable uses, use it to finish your automobile, art project, frames and supports, or wherever you need.

It has a ground with a 1.5 meter cable on it, and the gluing handle, while in the package you will find a mask, 2 extra edges, a plate brush, and a spool with the special wire, to start gluing immediately. and an adjustable Welding Speed – The controls also have 10 levels of welding speed, making it easier to tackle thin steel or stainless or aluminum sheet metal, or thicker steel with flux-core welding.

Where to buy The DANIU MIG-130 Welding Machine

The DANIU MIG-130 Welding Machine is available on Banggood for just $259.99

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