Pumpkii launched the world’s first modular robot for pets

Finally, the wait for all of us is over, the most awaited Pumpkii – World’s first modular robot for pets is now available with crowdfunding campaign on beginning PST 7 AM 12th August 2020. Check out more details on the Indiegogo page here.

Pumpkii is the world’s first modular robot for your beloved pets which will take care of your pet while you are out at work or someplace else. It is a multi-functional modularly designed robot that will keep your pet entertained while you are not at home. You can easily play with your pet, treat them with rewards while you are not at home with the help of an intuitive application available for your smartphone. You can use the App easily to control the Pumpkii move it in any direction, capture moments of your pet, clean using the robotic arm, and many more features. It won’t let your pet feel alone while you are not at home. It is a must-have for all the pet lovers.

Suitable For Both Cats and Dogs:-

Pumpkii is world’s first modular robot designed specifically for the two most mainstream pets, Cats, and Dogs. It will be friend with your beloved pet, whether you have a cat or a dog. Pumpkii is an excellent choice as a companion for your pet.

Pumpkii is full of surprises for your pet. It has a modular design that includes a teaser for your cat/dog, waste disposing using modular robotic arm, and treat them with the treat dispenser. It also features voice and video interaction which you can use to interact with your pet any time of the day. You can control all this using an intuitive app on your smartphone.

Pumpkii is equipped with a treat dispenser where you can put 11 different treats in its main body. It also features a multi-functional snack bucket that carries many snacks of different shapes and sizes. This can hold up to 100 pieces of treats at a single time, which you can reward your pet remotely at any time, anywhere using the app.

Pumpkii features a modular robotic arm that you can again control at the ease of your smartphone using the app. You can easily fit it into Pumpkin, It can be used to clean the waste by your pet remotely, keeping your home and hands clean. Waste can be transported easily to the bin again using the App only.

Pumpkii is something that is a must-have for all the pet lovers around the globe. It holds many surprises for your pet, where you can interact with them, treat them, play with them, and do many more things together with your pet even while you are not at home. One can also use Pumpkii to clean the litter box remotely and keep your home and hands clean. The crowdfunding campaign for Pumpkii will begin from 12th August 2020 on Indiegogo, You should obviously have a look at it here. The early bird price would be $149. Check more price details on Indiegogo now

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