Xiaomi Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition launches in China for 9,999 Yuan, sales to commence on August 16

The Chinese highly-rated technology brand Xiaomi has just arrived with the latest development in the car industry. In collaboration with the apex carmaker Lamborghini, Xiaomi unveils the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition in the home country. The price is set to be 9,999 Yuan ($1,440), while the regular full sales are scheduled to kickstart from August 16. The company looks for limited shipping for international clients, however.

Features of Xiaomi Ninebot GoKart Pro:

Further, the new Xiaomi Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition reminisces the previous Ninebot GoKart Pro launched last year in China. It is a racing car featured in the yellow color scheme that the company took to launch on the 10th-anniversary occasion.

Xiaomi NInebot GoKart Pro

As its name denotes, the car is a mutual production of Xiaomi-owned Ninebot Segway and Lamborghini. It snatches the yellow color scheme of Lamborghini to appear with a truly hyper-car approach. Furthermore, the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition keeps a sports steering wheel, a spoiler at the back and utilizes a highly-toughened steel material. It can bear the maximum weight of 100kg to offer riders better torque rigidity to withstand different road conditions.

Xiaomi NInebot GoKart Pro lamborgini

In terms of power assignments, the racing car is based on a pure electric module with a 432Wh battery inside. The custom tires give you an exceptional drifting experience. The company also claims the car to be capable of emitting an artificial race car engine sound.

Furthermore, the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition boasts TPE soft anti-collision front lip as well as aerodynamic TPE side skirts for comfortable and safe driving. At the same time, it also avoids bumper breaking issues etc.

As of now, the vehicle is available for presales in China for 9,999 Yuan ($1,440). The regular sales are set to start from August 16.

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