fanttik smart-control Electric Screwdriver offered for $92.47

When you’ve got a job to do, you need a tool that won’t let you down. The fanttik NEX L1 is exactly that tool. It’s a new smart-control electric screwdriver that gives you easy, efficient, and reliable use. The smart torque control makes it highly adaptable, while the powerful rare earth motor combines unparalleled power and efficiency with low weight and a handy form factor. The patented shark chuck allows for easy one-handed installation of the bit, and the electronic brake gives you full control at all times. fanttik NEX L1 is innovative, versatile, powerful, efficient, comfortable, and safe – exactly what you need for DIY tasks large and small.

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The fanttik NEX allows you to digitally select from 6 torque settings, ranging from 0.5 N.m to 6 N.m, giving you both superb control and all the power you need. You can start low for perfect precision, and gradually throttle up the torque until you reach the optimum balance for each task.

From assembling large items to tinkering with intricate clockwork, the fanttik NEX provides enough force while maintaining the precision you need. This perfect marriage of power and control allows you to avoid strain on your hands and wrists, keeping your DIY projects fun instead of fatiguing.

The fanttik NEX features an advanced 3rd generation neodymium motor: the world’s smallest rare earth motor available on the market. This advanced technology allows for a 25% smaller, 30% lighter, yet 30% more powerful motor, with a longer service life than comparable devices.

The fanttik NEX features a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which allows for step-less speed changes and maximum flexibility. With a maximum rate of 220 RPM, the fanttik NEX L1 Pro is a perfect partner no matter what you need by simply pressing the trigger. The tighter you press, the higher speed you get. The L1 works at a constant speed of 320RPM.

The fanttik NEX electronic braking system means the head stops the instant you release the trigger, offering you total control. This improves precision and greatly reduces the chance of damaging your materials or injuring yourself.

The patented shark chuck allows you to lock or release the bit quickly and easily one-handed with a single click. The automatic mechanism has been tested to last 20,000 times and locks the bit firmly in place, preventing it from coming loose, falling out, or getting stuck somewhere inconvenient.

Even for the toughest jobs, the fanttik NEX can keep working as hard as you do, thanks to our long-life, highly efficient, lightweight Samsung lithium-ion battery. With a capacity of 2000mAh, fanttik NEX provides enough charge to assemble a whole room’s worth of furniture, and with USB-C charging you can charge quickly and easily anywhere.

The fanttik NEX features a built-in digital display with drill direction, torque, and battery indicators, allowing you to see everything you need at a glance. When switching the drilling direction or adjusting the torque you’ll always know the exact setting.

The Fanttik NEX isn’t just efficient, effective, and intuitive, it’s also lightweight and easy to bring to bear wherever you need it. Weighing just 340 grams, the ergonomic design is compact and easy to use, and it’s so light your arms won’t tire even after hours of use. The design is inspired by the shape of a boomerang, and is designed to meld comfortably into the palm of your hand.

No tool is useful if you can’t see what you’re doing with it, so the fanttik NEX comes equipped with a ring of LED lights that acts as a built-in flashlight. Even in dim environments like the inside of cabinets, the fanttik NEX allows you to see screw heads clearly, reducing the chances of making mistakes or damaging your materials.

The fanttik NEX has two versions more than capable of fulfilling your needs, the NEX L1 and the NEX L1 Pro. The L1 Pro comes with all the features discussed here, while L1 works at a constant speed and doesn’t have the shark chuck.

The fanttik NEX isn’t just a traditional workman’s tool. It can also be customized to express your unique, personal style. The NEX L1 Pro comes in Moon Grey and Midnight Blue, while the NEX L1 model comes in Moon Grey, Matcha Green and Rose Red.

The fanttik NEX itself is just one part of a whole system of tools and parts that provide everything you need to finish the job. Our accessories include 12x 1-inch S2 alloy steel bits, 1x 2-inch bit, 1x 60mm extension rod, 1x USB-C charging cable, and a storage box. These accessories are high precision tools constructed of tough, resilient materials, perfect for use in all your projects.

For DIY-enthusiasts with lots of work to do, fanttik has you covered too. We offer a variety of extra bits and other accessories that have the same toughness and durability as our regular parts. Extra bits are ideal for regular users who expect to be doing plenty of screw-driving. The heavy-duty carry bag allows you to transport your tools in comfort and style, while we also offer precision bits perfect for small spaces and tasks requiring tiny, delicate screw heads.

Where to buy The fanttik smart-control Electric Screwdriver

The fanttik smart-control Electric Screwdriver is available on Indiegogo for just $92, 78

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