Xiaomi ClearGrass CGD1 3-in-1 Bluetooth Temperature / Humidity Alarm Clock Offered For $13.89

On the Xiaomi Youpin e-commerce platform, a collection has been announced to support the new Xiaomi QingPing smart alarm clock . So far, the collection has been supported by more than 27,000 fans and up to 1386% of the requested amount has been collected.

Hot news with coupon

Although the Xiaomi QingPing smart alarm clock is completely new to the Chinese market, the well-known and proven Banggood retailer offers the product in pre-order for us Europeans. Of course, there is a great discount coupon that will provide a very low price.

The seller reports an estimated parcel shipment after January 9 / January 2020, which is less than a month away. There is transport Standard Shipping absolutely free . In this case, we recommend that you pay extra for a insurance package that comes out only a few cents.

Retro design

A smart alarm clock from QingPing is a handy gadget. It measures  80.3 x 41 x 83 mm and weighs only 99 grams . It is powered by two AA batteries.

It is interesting that it is not equipped with any physical button. Settings are done via smartphone. Deactivation of the alarm is achieved by pushing on the body of the device and the impulse is provided by the suspension stand. Press once to delay the set alarm for 10 minutes. Press twice to deactivate the alarm completely.

Press once to snooze the alarm for 10 minutes, press twice to turn off the alarm

The display has a size of 61 x 61 mm and, in addition to time, displays the current temperature , the percentage of air humidity , the date and status of the configured alarms. Yes, we have used the plural because the Qingping smart alarm can handle up to 16 alarm times at the same time .

Multiple brightness levels

The LCD also has an LED backlight that can be adjusted in five brightness levels: 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100%. The accuracy of the thermometer is within a maximum deviation of 0.2 ° C, while the humidity may vary within a maximum of 2% RH.

Intelligent features and exceptional use

Xiaomi Qingping smart alarm clock has Bluetooth wireless in version 5.0 . Among other practical features, you can pair it with your smartphone via Mi Home . Thanks to this you can be informed at any time about the internal temperature of the house as well as about the humidity level.

If normal values ??are exceeded, the user is notified via a notification. The device is able to measure temperatures in the range of – 9.9 ° C to 49.9 ° C and humidity from 0 to 99.9% .

In addition, it is possible to configure various settings, such as the brightness level of the display at certain hours or the duration of the display illumination according to the type of alarm.

Thanks to compatibility with Mi Home, the alarm clock can inform other smart home devices of the measured values. They can be, for example, fans, air conditioners or heaters. In cooperation with them, it can maintain the required temperature or humidity in the space.

The sale of Xiaomi Qingping has begin since January 14 / January 2020 in China after crowdfunding ended. It is available in three colors – cream, green and blue.

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